What was the best part of Avengers: Endgame?

What was the best part of Avengers: Endgame?

Asking a dangerous question here


The part where that thing happened. It was so crazy! Nothing is going to top that thing.

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All of it. All of it was the best part. That movie ROCKED.

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When the Avengers were avenging and doing those things Avengers do.
So cool!

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I’m semi-into the Marvel movies and have seen probably 1/2 of them. This was the best one I’ve seen, and the emotions of various scenes had me tearing up a couple of times. Definitely 1000% worth seeing.

Can someone quickly and simply explain why this movie is blowing up so big? I’m completely ignorant about this series and want to understand the large interest in it.


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10 years and 20+ (connected) movies that reached it’s conclusion with ‘Endgame.’ There will be more Marvel movies and stories, but this phase has officially concluded.


Like manlapig said, it’s the culmination of ten years of movies that have touched a lot of people. It’s more than just superheroes doing superhero things, they’ve told stories about relatable characters we’ve come to care about. And the movie delivers in a big way. It’s been a long time building up to this moment.

When I saw it opening night, people were so ready to see it, every time a new preview came on the screen before the start of the movie, people in the theater grumbled about the delay. During the movie people, people were completely engaged in what was going on. And after the movie, people clapped and cheered. A good chunk of the audience stuck around to the very end of the credits just to hear a sound effect that referenced the start of the whole ride.

It was the emotional payoff of a ten year investment. I want to see it at least once more while it’s still in the theaters, maybe twice. I don’t do that with many movies.

Whoops, I failed the “quickly” part. My bad.

Anyway, no sheeple as that other person said, just people who enjoy well-made movies about characters we love.

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The end where I got up and used the facilities.

Totally agree!

Curious how many of those same people made fun of us for reading comics books.

Not me. I didn’t have access to comic books when I was a kid (we were broke and there were no comic shops in my town) but I would have read them if I’d had access to them. I’m still broke so I still don’t read them but I have educated myself as to the history of the characters, etc.