What was your most embarrassing moment as a foreigner in another country?

I was in US a few weeks ago, called an Uber and the driver, a very kind woman, asked me about Brazil, Olympics, etc. Specially in the northeast region, the beaches are very beautiful, so I told her about them. I guess she understood, but she had to mock me: “you mean, the women?”. Of course, with my Brazilian accent, beaches and bitches sound the same (I still can’t figure out that, I’m trying).

I have been living outside the US for 20 years now; 2 continents, 3 different countries (Korea, Germany and now Poland), so I have no shortage of embarrassing stories. Probably my favorite is when I went in to a Polish butcher shop and asked for 2,000 chicken wings instead of 20. Also, the Polish word for ‘cookie’ is quite similar to the word for where Donald Trump suggested he could grab a woman. I am always very, very careful when asking a woman about ‘cookies’.

Guess nobody else had an embarrassing moment. Too bad, Ed.