What would photoshop contest #53 look like?


Since the new contest isn’t up, yet… post your pictures here showing what you think the contest should be about.


This is cool, kind of like a scavenger hunt! I saw you say you’d go see my entry in today’s Woot thread, so I went there, where you said to come here, so here I am! And here’s my entry, posted in the new, unofficial contest 53 thread…



And this would be representative of what theme?


Gman, you are going from thread to thread trying to start a fight today!
Bad day at work?
The year is almost over, have a **!


I’m not being critical of the picture, I just wondered what kind of theme or idea prompted it . . . I actually kinda like the pic.

[edit] I even get the monitor in the monitor; not sure about the legs . . . as lovely as they are!!!


Well obiously, to me at least, the theme of that one is the Monitor Lizzard, a completely real animal with an electronic component in it’s name. (I threw 2 z’s in there for ZZ Top’s song “Legs”).


Or would it be an electronic component with reptilian ancestry?!?!?

“Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, legs, Lilly.” ~ Hedley LaMarr, Blazing Saddles



I would guess today’s photoshop contest would have a New Year’s component of one sort or another…


Looks a lot like the hat I wore last year!!!



Or maybe it would be, ‘how will you welcome the New Year?’


Funny!!! LOL


How about this THEME?: How will you carry YOUR Bag O’ Crap?



Heheheh . . . not sure I wanna read the product description!!!


Well…part of it reads: It’s hoseable, not disposable!


And no, those aren’t my legs!


Heh. It’s making copies of its ass.


I never would have noticed. That’s hilarious.


Another from me…

Not to be outdone by Times Square, Disney’s Epcot transforms Spaceship Earth into it’s own “Millenium Ball”


100% MS Paint baby!


Wow… I figured it would take 30 min.s or less for them to come up with a theme after this thread was started. Are they all on vacation in TX?


OK… here is my entry with the monitor and wishing everyone a happy new year!