What would you pay...

To be able to subscribe to a woot tee that loaded on your tee?

T Shirt OS

The idea is that the tee has a built in screen, and is connected to the internet. They talk about twitter feeds or hash tags or music streams, but I’m thinking artwork. A BootsBoots stream. A Edgar stream–they upload the tee, you see it, you can ‘wear’ it for the day free, buy it for a fee to wear on demand.

(edit: oops. Meant to post this in World of Woot Shirts…be obliged if someone could move it for me!)

URL seems to redirect to Facebook. :frowning:

I’m too old. I wonder how you would wash it?

I know. There’s also a video:


Okay that’s kind of neat.

It’d make me feel like one of the teletubbies.

streaming internet content.

not sure this is a good idea.


but just think, you could watch formula one on your belly.

24 hour cooking channel.

It would make meetings a lot more entertaining. Maybe be able to play video games!

“Hang on, I’ll update those numbers as soon as I beat my score in Bejeweled.”

Or maybe something productive, like display a chart.

“Look at sales from last year. This years are by my navel.”

you wish I was that flexible.

A potential popular add-on?

Mirror, maybe? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, you could watch formula one races on my belly.

I hate to break it to you, but there’s a tv for that purpose… and you’re hardly a 60" widescreen.

I’ll try not to be disappointed by my inability to stand in for a 60" widescreen.