What you always suspected

Of course our kitty overlords are watching us.

(the word filter edit made this post better.)

Made me laugh. And then I thought about the implications, those big worried eyes, right here, in my house…maybe I wasn’t the one laughing…

If the cat’s eyes don’t glow in the dark, it’s pointless.

That’s why there are so many cats watching… they were developed by the NSA.

…and here I thought that it was the squirrels…who’d a thunk…

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!

This is why dogs > cats.

(so says the guy with several dozen catshirts.woot, along with many more from other sites)

This cat is half owl, right?


P.S. Thanks, Jasneko, for revealing the truth. This silver Woot shirt will look fabulous with my tin foil hat!

Getting a bit of a Twin Peaks vibe here…

I thought I saw a kitty cat. I did! I did saw a kitty cat.

Bad ol’ kitty cat.

Yikes! I just flashed on The Bobs’ “Fluffy’s Master Plan for World Domination”!

Fluffy’s master plan for world domination
Soon there will be cats in charge of the nation
Multiples of nine in reincarnation
Whiskers will be used to transmit information
Dogs will be denied a basic education
I am just a vessel of assimilation
Fluffy’s master plan for world domination!


Are there multiple cats (‘we’, I only see one in the pic) or a multiple personality cat? Am I looking too deep into this at 1 AM?

Absolutely! Also, I also agree to the comment that multiple creatures should be in the image due to the grammar. Let’s have some dignity with our language, please.

My largest comment that brought me here is that often I purchase a shirt and get only half the caption. Months later I wonder why I bought the shirt, as I forget the caption on the ad. Shouldn’t a shirt be self explanatory? One shouldn’t have to explain the meaning of what is printed on a shirt. This shirt would have been even more wonderful if the words, “Yes, it’s what you always suspected” were added on top of the image (plural if the owl and squirrel, raccoon, etc. were included).

so glad to see a Jasneko design get printed! i’ve rooted for so many in the past that almost made it.

not necessarily. any individual can speak on behalf of the group it is part of.

again, i disagree. think of the caption as a ribbon around the gift wrap.

in this case, the caption is perfect as a caption, but printed on the shirt it would have been one joke too many. unless it was printed on the back side, perhaps.

It’s the imperial “we” – we’re talking about a cat here… :slight_smile:

congrats Jasneko!

Cute, Jas! Congrats. :slight_smile:

The simplistic artwork pairs perfectly with the font. Very solid design.