whatcha eatin? II


A coconut cream pie shake from Sonic!


Oh that sounds heavenly!

Turkey cutlets
Cucumber/tomato salad
Cauliflower Au Gratin


I’ve been really hungry for fish so we went to a nice restaurant that has all the fish you can eat on Thursdays. Left most of the rest of the dinner on my plate because the fish was scrumptious.

And stopped on the way home for a chocolate ice cream cone.


Oh the shake was awesome, and a surprise from my daughter as well! Your dinner sounds delish!


half price shakes today…

well… kinda moot as it’s after 8pm now in most places.


Strawberry shortcake. Not the best, but okay. Where we usually get strawberries only had pick your own this year and his knees and my back preclude that. So just grocery store berries that are white inside instead of red.


Also…another gripe…what ever happened to bing cherries? The sign says “bing,” but the bag says “sweet” or “northwest.” I picked bing cherries as a summer job when I was a kid and these are NOT bing cherries.


From Danny Boy’s in Canton Ohio…

“Pauly Walnuts”

Italian hoagie with fried chicken tenders, fried mozzarella, fried onion rings, sauce, and pizza cheese
Cajun fries
Asked for Coke, got Pepsi


That last ^^^ would really annoy me.

1 chicken and 1 goetta taco. so-so. The fries were great.

And then caramel cone ice cream cone.


And she brought me another without me asking for it. I didn’t drink it. Wasteful.


Lunch at Cracker Barrel. Bacon, Hashbrown Casserole, toast, and coffee.


Starbucks coffee…yum


Pulled pork from my crock pot after I charcoal grilled the outside, served atop similarly grilled broccoli and cauliflower. Green tea to drink (because I already had like six cups of coffee today).


Dinner at Gasoline Alley…

Got the Reuben Fat Boy burger



They don’t have any sandwich that isn’t messy.

Oogie had corned beef hash…


It wasn’t too messy


Had the first three ripe tomatoes. Mmmmmmm. Nothing compares.



the fabulous Indian breakfast. :slight_smile:


My grandparents used to say it was a big deal around here if you had ripe tomatoes by the fourth of July. You’re right - there’s nothing better!


I know there’s been years that we didn’t get them until August.


Went to a mom & pop restaurant and had breakfast on the patio this morning. Husband had country fried steak and gravy, eggs, home fries. I had eggs, bacon, home fries. We split the pancakes. Very, very nice.


Yep. The best type of place for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner (if they’re open that late).