whatcha eatin? II


Too much


I believe I finally found real bing cherries. Of course, they were 4.99 a pound, but…


Oh I love those! Oh I am so allergic though…


You have my sympathy.


Tried another recipe that people raved about but didn’t work for us. Not exactly a recipe, but corn on the cob in the microwave. Four minutes. Cut off the big end and the cob just slides out with no silk. Hundreds of people said it works. The video says it works. Didn’t.


My brother says it works. The video I saw says you cut off the big end before you cook it. Not sure if that makes a difference.


Might try that the next time. Granted, much easier to get all the silk off after doing it in the microwave.


I’m not a big corn on the cob fan so I haven’t tried it.


I picked. Oogie baked…


Had almost a whole head of fried cabbage and rye bread toast for dinner.


ripe and juicy organic strawberries… yummy!


Fried cabbage… like… sauteed? Chopped up? With any seasoning? I have a head of cabbage in the fridge waiting for new ideas…

Yesterday evening had some carvel ice cream cake… haven’t had it in ages - took me back to childhood birthday parties in the summer!


This is one of three things I use bacon grease for. Rough chopped. Takes a while to sautee it (browned). And salt. That’s it. Sometimes I put rye seeds in.


Interesting… sounds like an alternative to something my mom does - coconut oil, rough chopped cabbage and mustard seeds, sautee. Maybe some other things in it too, but that’s the jist.


Oh my mom used to make that all the time…just like that…haven’t had it in ages, and Mom passed in Dec. :frowning:


Sorry about your mom. Did you like it when your mom fixed it?


2 cans o’ tuna w/sunflower seeds- for breakfast. PROTEIN, BIT¢HES! :smiley:


We had our first BLTs tonight with our homegrown tomatoes! Nomnomnom


After seeing all those pizza pictures yesterday, I had to order one after work last night. So glad Pizza Hut is open late!

1 Large Hand Tossed Pizza, Honey Sriracha Drizzle, Garlic Buttery Blend

Whole Ingredients: Classic Marinara Sauce, Ham, Pineapple



Apple pie english muffin. Yum