whatcha eatin? II


Earlier - toasted pita half filled with melted mozzarella and arugula.


Fresh juicy blueberries from a local patch.


Just snapped a “mess” of green beans. Going to have our once a year cottage butt and new red potatoes cooked in green beans.

P.S. Brought back ugly memories of when we used to can quarts and quarts of green beans.


Bacon, eggs, fried potatoes w/caramelized onions, tomatoes.


Birthday cupcakes…my daughter turned 28 Sunday. Still lives at home, but pulls her own weight…besides, I’d miss her :slight_smile:


Sliced tomato with basil.

Summer salad: Arugula with a cut up plum, cashews, almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and sesame oil, along with the tomato juice that leaked from the above sliced tomato in the plate (the acid softens the arugula a little). And a bit of hummus on top.

Arugula and tomatoes courtesy of a local farm and soooo good.


cotton candy grapes

I agree that these are ultra sweet. In fact, way too sweet. But as far as tasting exactly like cotton candy, no. I won’t buy them again. Has anyone else tried them?


Never heard of them.

I do enjoy candy onions, however.


What is a “cottage butt”?


Now called a pork shoulder ham. It used to be shaped like a tube of sausage, although larger, but now vacuum packed. Rose is the only brand I’ve ever seen.


Went to the Porch Rokr fest in Akron. Stopped at the Zydeco Bistro to food truck for an Andouille Po Boy but they had just run out. Got the Jambalaya. Just the right amount of heat.


Yet again my usual snack…2 Excedrin and a cup of coffee…


Having pork steaks on the grill tonight. //hungry//


We had chicken with Monterey seasoning, mashed potatoes and gravy. Hubby cooked, because the kitchen is upstairs and I can’t stand on my leg for long. Surgery next week.


Good luck. Keep us posted on PWA.


You know I will :slight_smile:


Had our last BLTs with our own tomatoes last night. Having our last hamburgers with our own tomatoes tonight. //sniff//


My antioxidants for the day :


It’s thick and wonderful. I have to use an ice pick to break off a piece.




You can pick yourself up one or two or ??
In fact vita cost has a lot of good chocolate on their site.