whatcha eatin? II


taco salad


tater tot casserole


Had breakfast at The Lamp Post 24 hour diner. First time there. What better way to sample everything than get the He-man Breakfast?


We shared it. Although I had about 75% of it.
The waitress said many have finished it and some have ordered 2!

Yes…that is a large pizza pan.


A mini bagel and cream cheese (my favorite) and hot chocolate.


Those hash browns look exactly right. So many places can’t figure out what “well done” or “crispy” means. And the toast is actually toasted! Did the butter go to the edges? Usually isn’t anywhere close.


Buttered to the edges!
The hashbrowns were a bit disappointing as they were the rehydrated kind. And the scrambled eggs were over done. Otherwise it was good.


Big bowl of homemade chili




Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy.


Ramen Noodles and a honeycrisp apple


Chef Salad


Date Night individual pizza and Oogie had Angelhair pasta and meatball.



Last Wednesday…
Decided to eat out and burn off a gift card. Normally we try to avoid major chain restaurants but we do like Outback.
Filet Medallions with garlic butter. Mashed Potatoes. Steamed Broccoli. Yum yum yum.



picked up Chinese. son didn’t like the bean sprout rice, so we go no bean sprouts this time. they interpreted that as no veggies. only pork in pork fried rice and only chicken in lo mein. a little boring for me, but I am still sick so I wasn’t cooking.


peanut m&ms


Lime Jello. Because husband has a colonoscopy scheduled tomorrow. What’s wrong with this picture?


Some funky pizza


Oogie did that 2 weeks ago. She got to the bottom of the lime jello and it was gummy. Yuck.


Must’ve had pineapple on it.


I made two of the large boxes for him. He hasn’t touched it. Said he’s too full of liquid. The last time I had a colonoscopy I made Jello Jigglers. Could fool myself that I was chewing something.