whatcha eatin? II


cold spaghetti




tuna on Ritz thins and sweet cherries


tater tot casserole


Blueberry banana oat pancakes.

Tried new pancake recipe - half cup quick oats, 2 ripe bananas, 2 eggs + half teaspoon vanilla and blueberries.

Kind of fell apart a little (I’m going to try and make them smaller next time), but pretty tasty!


Matcha (green tea) milk hard candy… trying to resist having another.


Was eating Chia Pudding







Pork Chop (Pressure cooked)
w/ Linguini


I’m currently eating fish and chips. Yum! :slight_smile:


Have out of town company plus some grandkids. Eating bacon, eggs, potatoes w/onions, English muffins.


Grilled cheese and in the husk corn on the cob all on the grill. Yum.


Grilled cheese on the grill?


Yep. On a perforated grill pan though. I have done it on the grates but it cooks too uneven.


Does it really taste different than doing it on a griddle?


Keeps the house cooler.


I was grilling the corn anyways.


We went to a food truck fair Saturday. Pretty interesting. Pretty filling. Pretty expensive.


Pulled pork sandwich, potato chips, watermelon.

It’s pork we smoked a month ago & froze the extra. Also fresh made JD BBQ sauce.