whatcha eatin? II


Now, this is definitely appetizing! :slight_smile:


Scattered well, smothered double.


Dark chocolate covered pretzels.




Tomato sammich. Not a good year for tomatoes. Ours came in late and it looks like they’re going to be done early.


Does anyone else here like cold spaghetti? That’s lunch. I don’t like cold pizza, though.


Not really.
I do use leftover spaghetti to make sandwiches…kind of like a grilled cheese, but with spaghetti in it too.

from a previous post…



I’ve eaten cold chef-boy-ar-dee spaghetti out of the can.

My non-cooking grandmother used to serve the kids cold chef-boy-ar-dee pizza with sugar on top.


Earl Grey tea, in a dignified mug.


Was this one of yours? I didn’t even realize Woot had mugs.


It was! They have mugs sometimes in special sales, I’ve had a few. One derby was based around mug designs (where this one came from).


A crumpet with butter and a hot chocolate/coffee.


Leftover mashed potatoes for lunch.




Left over fried cabbage.


pizza with green peppers and white onions and then white cake for dessert. yum!


Bacon and egg sammich


Turkey sandwich on a hawaiian roll.


One of my most favorite meals and I only get it once a year after Thanksgiving. Turkey primavera. I’ve tried it with chicken and it’s just not the same.