What's cookin'?


Chicken in the oven.

Also trying to bake some cake mix, well past its “best by” date, of course. (Wife gave me an evil look when she looked at the date.)


yeah, let us know how that goes.
I made cupcakes with expired cake mix once, and they just didn’t rise.
The dogs liked em, though.




That looks yummy, qwertyuiop. :slight_smile:


Yeah, it does.


I wonder what kind of frosting it will have?
More pictures, plz.


Chocolate fudge frosting of course.



For qwertyuiop
Butter chocolate-> http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000EMK57W/?tag=slickdeals
Cinnamon swirl-> http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000EMMA34/?tag=slickdeals
Strawberry-> http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000EMOCGM/?tag=slickdeals


That is the cleanest stove I have ever seen.


Can’t take credit for that.


Is it newish? I really don’t like stainless steel. We were thinking of expanding the kitchen (but it is a supporting wall and we can only go out maybe tops, 5 feet…awful lot of money for a few feet.)


I meant that Mrs. Q is better at keeping it clean than Mr. Q. And the rounds cover some stains on the stove. I suppose it could be considered newish; it’s less than 20 years old!


Considering how often I bake a cake, do you have anything smaller than packs of 12? Otherwise, we’re going to be baking lots of expired cake mix.


I realized Mrs Qwerty keep the stove clean.

Now I’m really upset. My stove is 24 years old and worn out.
Oh, wow, 24, gee, I remember putting it in. No wonder the kitchen is dated.
Still, to keep it clean it is scratched.
Your stove looks new.
You had granite backslash that long ago???


How long ago?


Less than 20 years.

Oh, nevermind. I’m getting nowhere fast with you and questions.
I’m going to feed Splinter and go.


Could be one. Could be 19.




I want a stainless gas stove and granite countertops.
I suppose I should call the kitchen people to come over and give me an estimate.
I have a friend who told me to figure on about $60 per sq ft installed of granite contertop.


Grape leaves on the grill. Stuffed w/ Goat Cheese, sun-dried tomato & herbs.