What's New Wednesday Contract/Questions

Love seeing new shirts every Wednesday, but was curious what contract type these designs are grouped. Are these shirts that aren’t quite deemed daily-worthy, but still advantageous for Shirt.Woot to sell? Also, do these include designs that have been printed elsewhere or are the artists opting to get paid per shirt as opposed to a daily exclusive?

Lastly, I know this has been discussed before, but what’s the advantages/disadvantages of releasing 15 new shirts at one time? Again, I love the variety Shirt.Woot has to offer, but what does it mean for the artist? Are we flooding our own catalogs with too much that buyers are missing everything available to them?

Agree with Wheels03

As for me, too much options to choose ends in not choosing at all. You can take this t-shirt or that, or another one, you know that next Wednesday there would be new big pack and there are also other side sales and daily tees - which leads to the overwhelming of the customer, for whom it’s too difficult to choose what to buy, so he/she decides not buying at all (not always, but quite frequently, I guess).

Also curious about all those questions about the situation. What other artists and staff think about this?

I guess my only worry is that this new model won’t be sustainable for the artists much longer. For example, I have a design I’ve worked on for quite a while, so what happens when I submit it and it gets considered for WNW? I’ve lost the time it took to produce the artwork and may only see 1-2 shirts sold at most since the Shirt.Woot/Amazon marketplace is saturated with so many great designs. Meanwhile, Shirt.Woot is padding their catalog and making more money (more designs offered=more profit).

I understand why this is advantageous for them, I’m just worried this is in response to the $1,000 payout for exclusive dailies. Less dailies means less money Shirt.Woot needs to pay artists. Am I wrong with this assumption? To me, What’s New Wednesday seems like a sales tactic to offer less daily exclusives and in turn keeping costs low for Shirt.Woot to continue to operate… thoughts?