What's on your gadget to-buy list right now?


I started blogging about how I am going to spend my spare dollars (meager though they be) since my big Scooba expense is over (it shipped yesterday). Without just plopping my blog down in it’s entirety, my list right now includes:

A Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD1
A Pleo
A Fossil Frank Gehry watch.
An Alesis mixer
An iRAM card
An Origami device
A Lego Mindstorms NXT 2006.

With all due respect to Capital One, what’s [emptying out] your wallet?




A garage…


A superG Netgear USB wireless access point.

oh, and Aludium Q36 Explosive Space Modulator.


I just discovered who Dreamaster really is. Read Dilbert today.


Okayyyyy…I don’t get it…Here’s today’s Dilbert…http://news.yahoo.com/comics/dilbert;_ylt=ArbfWWNRCHzjRuEHZKswasaP6SsC;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl


Because when pooflady sees

She’s really thinking


I guess you really have to go back and look at dreamaster’s posts, he’s the one who started burning things in the woot forums.


Well done, qwerty!


Thanks, someday I’ll get the hang of this picture stuff.


Ditto! I understand now. It’s hard being a dumb newb…:frowning:


That’s fantastic. I wish we could make sure he sees it.


Have someone cut and paste it! Not you or me, but one of there nice people who know how to do it!

What is it Thursday, I still have sundays paper to read!


Rough draft of how to cut and paste to another thread (corrections welcome)

Press the woot “quote” button on the original post you want to copy

In the woot edit box, highlight the stuff you want by holding down the mouse button while moving the mouse cursor over the text; let go of the mouse button when the full passage is highlighted

While holding down the “control” key, press and release the “C” key. Let go of the “control” key.

Press the woot “Cancel” button to cancel quoting the post

Go to the thread where you want the new post to go, start a new post

Put the cursor in the woot text edit box. While holding down the “control” key, press and release the “V” key. Let go of the “control” key. The previously highlighted text (including any images) should have been “pasted” into the edit box.


excellent!!! I thought of him when I read that too…and this is fab!


Tried it once, didn’t work. I’ll try again later.


By any chance, are you on a Mac? Everywhere my instructions say “control” key, use the Apple key instead (maybe next to the space bar?)



Yep, I’ll try again, it made a little poping noise, I thought it was working. The only other problem is the whole quote isn’t in the box at the same time and I can’t move it because I’m already using the mouse. I just quoted the part with the pictures.


OMG!!! It worked!!! I did it!!! Thank you qwertyuiop! It looked easy when you wrote it!


How can you spell his name but not “popping”?!?!?!?


top row of the keyboard. I can’t spell anything. I didn’t have 500 posts since July until son showed me the dictionary in the tool bar in Dec.

qwertyuiop000 really easy!

I thought you didn’t keep track of spelling mistakes! Ha! You all do! You lie!