Whats the best Anti-Virus program?


My daughter recently crashed her system by being infected with somekinda spybot worm. She doesn’t have a router, so after regaining all her files, she is definately getting a router. But word is out that Norton (consumer) is not the best virus protection. Anyone know anything about Panda Platinum?


AVG Anti Virus: HOMe

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My family uses this and they say it is excellent


Everytime someone has a bad virus or spyware problem, It always starts with “My son or daughter…”

Parents always scald their children because something wrong happens with the family computer. It’s only just a computer, get your own machine so they can deal with their own computer problems.
-End Rant.

The antivirus suite program I use in several different companies (15 or so) is Trend Micro PC-cillin. It finds and deletes/quarantines/cleans any viruses/worms/etc. that was left behind from other antivirus programs.

The program is bulletproof once configured, have at least 512MB’s of RAM and a decent machine- any antivirus program needs to be properly configured to be secure- It’s like a wireless access point/router

This program uses available free RAM for real time scanning, when there is not enough RAM, it frees some of the resources. 256MB or less on a machine will feel a 10-20% slowdown.

Machine requirements-not sure:
I installed this program on a Pentum II 233 machine with 128MB RAM-win98-
It was noticably slower so I disable Real time scanning on the Program Files folder and works fine.

It has a built in spyware scanner- not the ultimate, but sufficient. Use along Spybot Search and Destroy - safer-networking.org

It has a built in Firewall- overriding the windows firewall. The PCcillin firewall is better and always up to date. It also has a firewall log feature so you know what ports you can allow- remote desktop, etc.

Home-Network control- remotely update, monitor your secondary computer’s antivirus(pccillin) within the lan.

You have to disable the notifications/alerts you don’t need, schedule a scan and interval when the antivirus updates, enable malware scan options (2005), lower the firewall setting to medium(2006), etc. It will take an average person about an hour to configure.

I haven’t had any problems of certain viruses disabling the program.

You can also scan network drives.


rating 2.5/5
“Confusing security-console interface. Firewall’s default protection misses port probes and unauthorized programs. Antispam lets through too much spam. Antispyware performs incomplete removals. Private data protection omits information sent via AIM.”

Again, any antivirus program needs to be properly configured to be secure- It’s like a wireless access point/router. They were overwhelmed by the console, The same effect when switching from a mac to pc or vice versa. This is an unprofessional review, but a good review for a “new” user.

You said best antivirus program… but If you dont want a “confusing” setup, go with Zonealarm Security Suite. Its bascially a firewall built around an antivirus.

I’m not sure about Panda Platinum… never used it.


The computer pro that just cleaned all our puters also recommended AVG . . . he also installed Firefox as our default browser . . .


Thanks silver lady:
I appreciate the tips, I will check out grisoft.com
best regards
keep wOOtin’


Well now Roy: My daughter HAS her own computer - ya see she is just askin me, and since I didn’t know, I thought I would turn to the gurus here on wOOt…so yer wrong youngin’, she didn’t screw up the family machine. She doesn’t even use my machine, hell, she doesn’t even live with me. He, he, he, you have made an A_S_S_U_M_E_tion…
I certainly appreciate all that was written after the RANT.
Thank you for taking the time to answer, and with some VERY good information.
I will keep your phone number, if I need more help.
See, this is whats really right about wOOt, people helping people.
Need some chocolate chip cookies? I will bake you some.
A wOOtpal,


Hi AZGman:
Thanks for the response.
So I’ve heard a lot about Firefox, better than most?
I’m not sure I can figure out how to switch my browser and keep MS outlook. Last time I updated outlook, I ended up with two email accounts, very confusing. Would that happen again?
As you can tell, I’m not too savy with the switch and changing of software, email accts, I’m not even sure what browser I have!!!
I will keep learning, as people like you help people like me.
Thanks again for the tip, I will check it out.
wOOt on in AG,


I dunno! That’s why we had the 'puter geek fix our stuff!!


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I use avast

Free - so far bulletproof, and easy to use.


trendmicro is good - but too pricey - I occaisionally use their online scan to make sure Avast is running good.


I use firefox too. Easy to set up, and you get another icon on your desktop if you want.

Find a geek near you using firefox to show you the cool stuff. Otherwise you won’t stick with it cause you won’t see the benefits.