What's the best laptop in the $1300-$1500 range??


I hate my laptop (Compaq Presario 2500) and I’m probably going to be in the market for a new one in the next month or so in the $1300-$1500 range. If you were going to buy laptop today (Windows based, not Apple) and had that money to spend, what would you buy? I download a lot of big files and do a lot of digital photo work that takes up a lot of space so I need space, speed and something that holds up well to a lot of use.

So give it to me, what should I buy??


i have a tablet PC from Toshiba… if you want the highest end processing and storage space that will put you out of their price range, but you can customize what seems to be a fairly decent one in your price range… i got mine last november for $1300, and if i’d done it now i could’ve gotten more power for the same price… check the specs as you customize it… you’ll find the pen nice for your photo work, i’m guessing… the biggest drawback on it so far has been all the bloatware that comes pre-installed… getting rid of that takes a bit of time…


Two Words:
Mac. Book.


'nuff said


HP DV5220us or the DV5215us …depending on what processor you prefer

Toshiba A105s4114 (has a really cool fingerprint reader and I like the Satellite series because they seem durabal)

If you prefer a bigger screen, you could do an HP DV8339us or the Dv8309us (again with the processors)

I would probably lean toward the Hps because they have Media Center edition of XP loaded on them (wel most do). It’s a nifty way to organize your pictures, videos, and music and what not.

I would also recommend getting an external hard drive for your digital photos if you have a lot of them. You wouldn’t want that little guy to crash without the back up.


do you sell a lot of tablets? i love my tablet…


Bout 1 a week. I carry two in the store…a Gateway with a single cetrino and a Toshiba with a Dentrino Duo. Both are nice, but I like the Toshiba’s specs.


yeah, i have a toshiba… got it in november… no fancy duo core, and i went cheap on most of the specs, but it’s perfect for taking notes in class… all the benefits of pen and paper combined with the benefits of a computer…


Thank you for all your advice! I will definiately check out the models you all listed. I’m really interested in Dual Core. I’ve just read a little about it, but it sounds like maybe that’s what I’m looking for. I want to be able to download big movie files, work on Photoshop and check my e-mail at the same time without everything moving like mud the way it is now. From the way I understand it, Dual Core is the answer to that??

As far as speed goes, what else do I need to look for? I don’t feel like my current computer is fast enough and that’s the biggest thing I want to upgrade, but all the different specs are confusing.

I bought the laptop I have now with very little knowledge about laptops. I didn’t do enough research. I use my laptop A LOT and this one is falling apart. The USB ports are all loose, the mute button doesn’t work anymore, the fan doesn’t work right and causes it to overheat often, and it turns itself off often when it decides it’s had enough. It’s a mess. I decided that it’s time to do the research and buy something that I don’t have to scream at 12 times a day. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the advice!


make sure to get plenty of RAM, at least 512 MB, if not more… you also want a big hard drive if you’re planning on downloading movies or working on photoshop, probably 80 GB at least… and if you’re downloading movies, you should probably get a DVD burner as well so you can clear them off your hard drive…


Nuff said if you aren’t very smart.
Two more words:
Boot. Camp.


dude… when he says he wants windows based, i doubt he meant loading xp onto an intel mac… i’m assuming he has his reasons for a windows, and when he clearly says he wants a windows machine, telling him to get a mac doesn’t help him out any…

when i said ‘nuff said’ i was meaning that i didn’t want to have to spell out the above…


You don’t make any sense here. Get over your Apple fears and smarten up. He can buy a MacBook, load windows on it, boom, you have a Windows machine. The hardware is great, it’s a great value (something a fellow wooter should be zoned in on but apparently you aren’t) and you can run Windows natively (i.e. WITHOUT Apple software for the slow people).

I just hate it when idiots have no idea what they are talking about in regards to Apple. They just assume they have some knowledge about it when they obviously have none. Keep using Windows as it’s made for morons anyway.



This is stupid.


it makes as much sense as saying “Windows is made for morons.” I seem to recall one of those popular “Switch” commercials, where one person who switched was a sys-admin on windows… who couldn’t even open a file… but he was just fine on the mac… which system was made for him? Before that commercial I’d been thinking about getting a Mac. After that commercial I lost all interest for a long time, because it seemed so stupid, and made it sound like Macs were for people who were incompetent with computers.

Cheapest MacBook is $1,099.00:[list]
[]1.83 GHz Core Duo
]60 GB Serial ATA Hardrive @ 5400 RPM
[]512 MB RAM (2x256)
]Combo Drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW)
[]Airport Extreme with Bluetooth
]13" Display (1280x800) with iSight
[*]Adding a purchase of Windows XP Home (OEM) from Newegg is $89.99, bringing the total cost to:[/list]

I configured an HP dv1000t:[list]
[]1.83 GHz Core Duo
]60 GB Serial ATA Hardrive @ 5400 RPM
[]512 MB RAM (2x256)
]Combo Drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW)
[]Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network w/Bluetooth
]I couldn’t get a 13" display; the best I could find was 14" at 1280x768 with a built in webcam like the iSight
[*]Windows XP Home is included with the price of $958.99[/list]

That’s a difference of $230… Now granted, for that extra $230 you’re getting a slightly smaller computer and Mac OS X with the purportedly better useability on graphics/video software. Perhaps he would like a MacBook more, and he did give a budget of between $1,300-1,500, so price isn’t such an issue. Apple has some nice things. In my video production classes we always use Macs, and they have some nice features. I still prefer my Tablet PC and the desktop I built at home, but I wouldn’t rule out getting a Mac at some point in the future. I think everyone should choose whichever operating system they are most comfortable with. I think it’s a really nice feature that you can now run Windows natively on a mac. But, as I originally pointed out, Wenders11 specifically said that he did not want an Apple. I get very annoyed when I see someone say they’re looking for a new Windows computer and a Mac Zealot feels compelled to jump in and tell them they need to get a Mac instead, especially if the person has specifically said they don’t want a Mac. That’s not being helpful; that’s being obstinate.


A dell, Period, end of sentence, end of conversation bye!


The best laptop in the 1300 to 1500 range, is the one that offers the most features you want combined with the reliability and longevity you want. put shortly, the best latop is the one that’s right for you.


the reason to get a mac when he says in the range of $ he said he can get nire for the $ with a mac than with ONLY WINDOWS all windows computers can only do windows not OSX if u want more bang for ur buck get a mac and buy windows then u can work with both operating systems if u want and u are compatible with ANY computer on the market