What's the Deal With all the shirt posts Wootbot?


Wootbot is clogging up Shenanigans! He’s making the human threads drop down! grr!

Oh, cool. I can de-select “all” and filter out the shirt derby posts in shenanigans. I guess you can tag multiple topics?


So much many new tricks to learn!

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We want more people participating in derby voting. That’s considered a shenanigan.

On the old site each derby entry had a thread but you only saw it from the shirt entry page. Here, you’re seeing each thread. We’re looking how to improve this.

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Okay. Having a billion million thousands many separate shirt threads is more confusing to me, but I’ve never been a regular shirt.woot poster anyway. I have confidence in you!


For those that peruse the derby it’s frustrating because you just can’t scroll through all the comments without clicking into each shirt. I get that they’re tagged, but it’s not by derby so it’s still a little confusing. It would be great to filter by a specific derby category – like can all shirts entered automatically be tagged with the derby # to allow for easy filtering?

Yeah, I noticed that the first day. We’ve already been talking about what to do. Hang tight.

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