What's the main course this Thanksgiving?

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Smoked turkey and homemade rolls


Don’t make more. Use what you have.

Perlo today, traditional Thanksgiving Saturday.

I was told that the smoker was going yesterday, turkey and ham. Just show up around 4PM with fruit.

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Brisket, because after making three test turkeys to get my seasoning right my wife was tired of turkey.


A turkey cooked in the oven.
My wife has been doing this for me for over 3 decades. (except the one year I had to finish cooking it in the smoker due to a power outage)
No reason to change perfection.

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Pizza. My family has made Thanksgiving pizza for 40+ years.
When we first got married I told my husband that I was nervouse about cooking my first turkey. He said he really didn’t like Turkey. When I asked what he would prefer, he said, “pizza”.
Thus a family tradition was born.


Beef roast with stuffed jalapenos.

Pizza!! Always pizza for me. I hate turkey

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Alllll the sides - no turkey!
Mashed potatoes & gravy, orange jello fluff, homemade bread & butter, green bean casserole, stuffing, chocolate cake, apple pie, sweet potato pie, spiked apple cider, and lots of coffee!
And the next day I’ll find something I left in the microwave!!!:smile:

Um, you could put your leftovers in them…! No purchase necessary, please vote.

Gotta vote for them all!

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We do fluff, too! Just green fluff! My mother in law introduced me to that deliciousness!

Just put the turkey in the smoker… this is my first time smoking a whole turkey so hopefully it goes good!

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The rolling paper for a whole turkey must be tremendous! Just kidding I usually smoke my turkey every year.
You’ll know it came out right if the turkey tastes like bacon!


Side note: Turkey :turkey: is best when it’s being itself. Turkey ANYTHING ELSE SUCKS!!! Turkey bacon, turkey burgers, turkey sausage, it all sucks. Turkey meat in its original form is delicious. A word to turkey: just be yourself. We like you better that way.


BTW: it’s pronounced “dressing”!

Green bean casserole, rolls and cheesecake. The other more traditional dishes are sides. :wink:

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