What's the secret to a really good grilled cheese?


What's the secret to a really good grilled cheese?


Cook it slowly and do not smush it. Ever.


Sharp cheddar Tillamook brand, because that’s the best brand of cheese, ever. Argue with me and my cow friends will beat the curd out of you :rofl:

Haha curd :yum:


Cheddar, absolutely. The best thing on a grilled cheese is a slice of Cheddar. With the possible exception of an additional slice of Cheddar.


Nope, gonna have to disagree with you on that. The best cheese for a grilled cheese is munster cheese. Munster is 20,000 times better.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Grill it in a waffle iron.


This may sound odd, but I’m being serious here. Coat the outside in a thin coat of mayo before cooking it in a skillet. It will have an amazing evenness to it, and you won’t taste the mayo later (if you’re not a mayo fan).

Two slices of whole milk cheese.


I’ve been told mayonnaise on the outside instead of butter. Have yet to try it or been told the sandwich I had was made with it.


Gruyere or muenster/cheddar alloy. Both must be shredded. Additionally, replacing butter with EVOO is pure savagery.


You have my attention…


Put the butter in the skillet, not on the bread. You get a crispier browning on the bread.

Melt butter in the skill and then place bread and cheese.
When ready to turn, hold the sandwich up and slap more butter on the skillet.
When melted, flip the other side down.

I just use Kraft singles. I like my American cheese food and you can’t take it from me.


Mine get too fancy, bacon bit or ham. If it’s gust cheese I like my cheese “smoked”
My favorite is… Bacon, avocado and tomato with cheddar. I know at some point it’s no longer a grilled cheese, but I don’t care, this sammie is DA BOMB.


always use proper cooking techniques…


Oh, I used to MASH mine, too. So, I would get a cast iron skillet really hot. This is great if the sammie is really loaded and hard to flip. I would place the sandwich in the non-stick pan and fry it until it almost done, then I would place the heavy hot pan right on top if the sandwich. The cast iron skillet would fry the top. You need to be careful not to remove it too early of the top bread sticks. But it worked well as a poor mans panini press.


why couldn’t you just flip BOTH pans and then remove the non-stick and let the cast iron finish cooking the (now) bottom?


You could, but the pressing actually helps “seal” up a loaded melt.


Yes. Tillamook is the best Cheddar cheese that you can buy.
Sharp cheddar is perfect, but in a pinch the Tillamook medium works just fine.
If I’m feeling crazy, I’ll add a slice of Tillamook pepper-jack to the cheddar. :yum:

Toasted in a buttered pan until it gets melty. Never smoosh it. :sandwich:

Add homemade tomato soup as needed.

ps… when our daughter from the East coast visits, she always takes Tillamook cheese home with her…


Do that in addition to coating with mayo. It’s amazing.


Jarlsberg cheese on sourdough bread is really good.


I just copied and pasted all the above comments to send to a college grandson. When he is home, we do these big cooking sessions. Sometimes send to his home for a meal there. Sometimes just eat. Sometimes an experiment to learn about different kinds of lettuce or salad dressings or ??

Finding the perfect grilled cheese will likely be the basis for a session on his next visit home.

I think the secret to a really good grilled cheese is the company. And in my case I use shameless bribes like cooking experimentation to get it.