What's the secret to a really good grilled cheese?




Food wishes inside and outside grilled cheese. YouTube it… Sharp cheddar is the only choice. Melt the butter in the pan don’t spread on the bread or you’ll crush or rip the bread and no one wants that.


You could always do a Food Network version… “Deconsructed” Grilled Cheese. Grill and eat two slices of bread, then eat a slice of cheese (plastic optional).


There was once a diner out on the playa at burning man called the Black Rock Diner. It was run by a lot of my crazy friends. They would serve up grilled cheese sandwiches to anyone who wandered in until like 4 in the morning.

Nothing better than grilled cheese after a night of cruising the dusty playa and dancing the night away.

I didn’t even care how it was cooked…it was fabulous.

And of course, it was free, as is most everything on the playa.