What's this censoring of prices?

I’ve never really posted in here but I can’t seem to find an answer to this or anyone else discussing it on the web for that matter.

When I check out the sales on the main page, random parts of the prices are blanked out with dashes, so something that was 149.99 now appears as 14-.–. Even the “MSRP” prices are blanked out.

The only thing I can think of is that this was implemented to keep web crawlers from tabulating the prices on your site.

Can I get a better explanation why the prices are being covered up until you actually land on the product page itself? It’s giving my jimmies a mild rustle and I’d like to know the reasoning for it. Otherwise I’ll assume it’s a clickbaity ploy to get more people to click on more product pages.

Could you give an example of this behavior?

It seems fine for me.

Here’s the image I just captured of the front page, for some reason my prices are all bleeped out as if they are cursewords. It’s just kind of weird.

It appears to be all the 9’s turning into dashes. Woot the Frack?

That is odd behavior. What browser are you using? Maybe you have a rogue extension that’s making the changes?

I tried with IE 11, Chrome, and an incognito window of Chrome with all prices showing on mine.

Google Chrome is up to date: Version 72.0.3626.109 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I’m on a Mac. But it wasn’t doing this before. Just find this very random and thought it couldn’t just be me!

I guess the 9 in that font-set went on strike and I just now noticed.

Does it do it on any other sites?

No, only Woot’s front pages! No other websites. like i said, once I click through to the product page the 9’s show up just fine in the “main” price heading. Just the condensed prices on the thumbnails are what’s getting replaced with dashes. I’ve never seen anything like this before!


Hi there. Could you open up a Private Window in Chrome and see if it still does it. I’m thinking it’s an add-on you have installed.

Sure, here’s a screenshot of my separate incognito window, still doing it. Now I’m really curious lol

Freaky Friday.

Make sure all your extensions are turned off. Some extensions stay on even when you’re in an incognito window

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You might try safari. I think it’s something with your chrome. Any blockers installed?

The only extension I have installed is LastPass and it never does anything unless there’s a text box with a submit button. I don’t use any other extensions at all except for google docs ones that come with it.

Safari is displaying it fine. It has something to do with chrome, even though I can’t tell where the error is. I guess it’s just a random fluke that I have no control over, oh well

thanks all for trying to figure this out with me.

EDIT: I tried copy-pasting the text of the misbehaving prices, and when I paste the 9’s show up! So the characters haven’t been replaced, but they are displaying as em-dashes or maybe there’s a “strikethrough” text styling tag somewhere left open in the code.


You might all extensions then add them back one at a time to see which one might be causing the problem.

This is what I see in Chrome on my Mac:

Could it be some extension like this misbehaving?


But .99 is the original psychological pricing.

Hell, I do that in my mind automatically by habit.

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Yes. That’s the cause.

My Chrome with Adblocker plus still shows up great.

Or maybe aliens. Who won those alien detectors??