What's up with the button?


OK, I’ve never posted here, but the bouncing “I want one!” button has to go. That’s very annoying. Plus, some people have animated gifs and flash blocked in their browser. They won’t even see a button there…


Personman, how long have you been seeing bouncing buttons? Do you see them all the time? Do they talk to you? When you look away, do they stop bouncing?

I wouldn’t worry about it though. It was probably just something you ate. Or an aneurysm. One of those two, probably. You might want to lay down though, just in case.


Wow, gwp!! Your nets are really dragging the bottom of the thread pond!!!


I saw that you used the defibrillator on a couple of threads, and I wanted to see what it felt like. :slight_smile:


it felt zappish.


The “Bouncing Woot” means that the item is almost sold out… If you want it. This may be your last chance… It may be time well spent to view the link “What Is Woot?” in the upper right portion of the window… Very informational.


what button?


Thanks for the real answer sparkie.
The reason they were being so nasty is gwp bumped this from two years ago.
Personman is long gone.
You can come back again and play if you want to.


Your mean :slight_smile:



didn’t get any information on him


You better watch out, I don’t remember what I know about you either! Married. That is it.


I could be terribly wrong about this, but I think he’s a retired cop in CA. Daughter either just got married last weekend or is going to be shortly.