What's with Google hijacking Woot

Log in and Google pops up telling me I won something, don’t need that crap.

That would be malware. Best run a check on your computer/phone, whatever. We don’t have pop-ups like that.

Technically not “you,” but I’m absolutely getting redirected away from woot on an occasional basis. I’m on an iPad, so chances of client side malware is minimal.

You run ads on the main page. Unscrupulous advertisers will bake in redirects away from the page showing the ad directly to their page. Seems one of your advertisers is doing this.

Do not follow this link

Just posting it for reference it helps track down the bad actor, I was directed to http://goodluckday.site/prize/luckyus-ad/lp2.php?c=2pz9yv6gz2xz2&k=21f6b48834657c54fd89c2e8a32130cc&country_code=US&country_name=United%20States&region=Nebraska&city=Lincoln&isp=Allo%20Communications%20LLC&lang=en&ref_domain=&os=iOS&osv=12&browser=Safari&browserv=&brand=Apple&model=iPad&marketing_name=iPad&tablet=1&rheight=0&rwidth=0&e=5


I haven’t seen this on any of the devices I’ve been using without an ad blocker.

Additionally, I can never get it to happen if I turn off JavaScript in safari, so seems very likely a bad actor has some script in an ad. But, that also breaks some other completely legit things too, including the amazon login on woot.