What's Your [2008] Resolution?

640x480? 1024x768? No, not screen resolution…What is your New Year’s Resolution for 2008?

I figure this forum is the perfect place to post your resolution(s) and gain support from your fellow wooters to help you throughout 2008.

My resolution for 2008: No Hoff chops in the photo contests.

NOOOOOOO! Why not???
Any chop with Hoff is a good chop.

I don’t make New Year Resolutions because I never keep them.

Oh, I was talking about Dustin Hoffman…No Dustin Hoffman chops in the photo contests for 2008.

My resolution is to become better than everyone else and buy (I think) 6 more woots to get me one of those them there black squares next to my name.

To be less annoying to some people but more annoying to those that need it.

10000 posts

Mr. Kenney,
My resolution is to get me one of those them there squares of color next to my name.

Yes, it’s important that I get a black square so that I can impress you all not only with my eleven-hundred posts, but also with my astounding level of disposable income.

I, however, will focus on not buying anything and instead interject snappy comments after that glory-hound kenney9226 gets too full of himself!

Oh noes, I see what he’s doing! Buying another shirt.woot vote!

Is this for serious resolutions or Wooty ones?

Personal res is to get back into shape (get back to basketball 2x a week, advance two belts in TaeKwonDo.
Wooty one is to 1) win 1st prize in woot photoshop contest and 2) have a shirt made in shirt.woot

Yes, because one more vote is all that’s keeping those spectacular kenney9226 entries from going over the top, I tell you.

You revealed my devious plan! I am so busted! Now I’ll have to get another new email account and secretly register kenney9228 to keep everyone off my trail!

oh, is it opposite day?

I suggest tkenney9226; everyone will confuse you with tgentry, twallis, and tjosephus, the photoshop experts. well, 2 out of 3, anyway.

Too late! kenney9228 has been taken by some cool guy who suspected this might happen. You’d better go with Josephus’ idea while there’s still time!

Great idea. Don’t tell anyone what I have done, please?

Don’t think I’ve ever made one. I guess it would be to do my homework if I made one.

zomg not another tkenney, what’s next a tv8r?
runs screaming

how about sonov8r?