What's your favorite thing to do? (with your clothes on!)

I personally like to have friends over for a leisurely meal on the deck or the porch. Good food, good wine, good company.

I prefer going to someone else’s house to play cards and snack


Have a terrific book to read.


Hang out in the basement, eat pizza rolls and…OKAY, MOTHER! GOSH!

heh, love your pic, and…
holy crap, last week I went to the grocery and I swear, they were featuring pizza rolls.


I would have bought you some but you never come around any more…




A nice game of Euchre with the family.


Am I going to be the only one to admit to liking wooting?


Meh, I like to Woot also…
Big surprise, eh?

Kt, it says “favorite.” Not everything you don’t dislike.


Lust after Robert Smith?

Poof! You hold such power! She took all her posts down except for one!

I didn’t want her to do that, I just wanted her to stop.

Poker nights, concerts, reading, and traveling all take first for various reasons.

Good choice.

Another thing I like to do is to go out with friends, eat out, chat, and bond.