What's your favorite thing to do? (with your clothes on!)

Thanks. Poof forced me into one, but everyone else gets multiple.

Mosh pits
Jumping out of perfectly good planes
Jumping off of perfectly good buildings
Being w/ MrsMydog <3

edit: not in that order!!

Edit x2: Mrs says everything except change the last one to mydog and take out surfing

Poof was suggesting maybe less than 50.

Good save.

Mom talk to mydog…cut it out!!! You can start doing that stuff again in 18 years!
Oh, and you need to be home more in the future! (3 or 4 hours, when the kid is awake is enough, consider it another job)
end of mom talk

OK, you can still go to concets. You might be able to do the Mosh pit, I guess it depends on the band.
You can do all you want of being w/ Mydog <3
Maybe you can do a little surfing, if you are careful, which you never are!

Pffft… No babies yet!!!
Enjoy yourself now, things will change soon enough.
Geez, though, mydog, just be sorta careful, ok?

Heh, 2nd edit was too late.
I can’t think and type

I won’t die or anything
Promised the Mrs. I wouldn’t

There’s a lot of that going around.

Is it contagious!!?

I think so. And no shots for it.

Mrs: I better stay away from Mydog then.
Is it safe to ‘share’ the same computer?

With everything else that’s being shared, I don’t see why not.

LMAO, hon, she’s already pregnant!!!
What else are you worried about?
PS: I love you two!!

Laugh… also fun with clothes off. :wink:

Beer . . . with or without clothes.

G-man, that’s the world, isn’t it?

…ah, a beer…

Play shows. Travel. Take photographs. Take photographs while traveling. Golf. Collect DVDs. Dance with Miss Blue. :slight_smile:

‘Does taking my clothes off’ count as doing something with my clothes on?