What's your go-to toast in the morning?

Toasted tortillas

Toasted raisin bread (sun maid only)

Here’s to you!

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It’s pieces of bread (like rolls), covered in cinnamon sugar with butter. It’s pull apart bread.

You can definitely make it yourself, but it takes longer and isn’t that much better (especially for the price).

Toast and jam is always a good option for me because it’s quick and tasty. Although I know that fast carbs are bad, it’s also delicious and I only allow it in the morning.

Staying toast-y warm under the covers! :sleeping:

Super easy to make and so yummy!
The banana & chocolate chip stuffing is not traditional/not necessary. I’ve made it both ways.

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champagne toast (best way to end a long night)

My goto toast in the morning while not French, and not to your health is a health nut bread which has walnuts sunflower and pumpkin seeds, almond flour and and all that is good, toasted with tons of butter applied, after toasted. Then topped with Manuka honey. I am addicted to it.