Whats Your Halloween Costume?

Well, just tell us what your going to be for Halloween. Or even better, show us a picture! I’m going to be a banana. Before I got most of my internet taken away i went to this game site called starvingnerd.com. If you go to it, it should show a whole bunch of banana related videos. Watch the first one that pops up, then after the video is over it will show all the other videos similar to it, scroll through them until you see one that looks like a guy dressed up as a banana in a fruit store, thats what im doing! Let me know if you find/like it.

I’d rather know why you got most of your Internet taken away.

Heh, same method I use with my son – Internet Grounding. Works like a charm.

well my mom wants me to have really good grades so i can get into Le Cordon Bleu and last year i had a couple D’s so my mom took away my internet cause it was distracting.

You seem pretty calm about it. My son starts getting the shakes after about 6 hrs.

I actually like not having internet, same with not having texting. My grandma got rid of it because it cost her a lot and i was freaking out because thats how i talk to my friends but after awhile it felt nice not texting anyone. Same with tv, I totally forgot about it. I have a lot more time on my hands now so iv been learning how to use photoshop and illustrator so i can start designing shirts. Also i can just sit down and read a good book. I do miss texting sometimes though because teenagers are no good at talking to each other on the phone ha ha, its a bit awkard for some reason plus who wants ear tumors? Anyways i suggest trying it with your son, it relieves a lot of stress.

This is what I wore this year:

(no that’s not me…that’s the stock photo of the costume on a model)

Okay, so I’m not dressing up for Halloween, I’m just going to pass out goodies, but I did carve myself a mighty fine pumpkin last night! (Outside my house I have about 3 or 4 skeletons as decoration, so I went with a skull design) And here it is all lit up! Fun stuff.

(Please bare with me, I’ve never posted a pic on woot before)

Just WOW!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(I do have to give credit to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” pumpkin carving kit I bought from Target… made it very easy and fun)

I was gonna go as a cowgirl sherriff and my boyfriend was gonna go as a robber… but I’m not dressing up anymore because I’m going out of town to surprise my bestfriend for her birthday this weekend.

We’re all going to be superheros tomorrow. I’ll be superwoman, Orc is Batman, Ver1 is Batgirl, and Ver2 is supergirl. Should be interesting. . .

I’m going as Shaun from Shaun of the Dead I think. Kids are going as Stitch (younger one) and a Jedi (older one).


Besides, carrying around a cricket bat makes me feel safer with the wee ones.

And will probably net as many weird looks as going around dressed up as the classic Dr. Who.