What's Your Pet Peavey?

Peavey in Name Only

For many years Peavey has been a solid name in guitars, amplifiers, PA’s, etc. I have owned one of their PA’s for over 10 years and it has performed flawlessly and still does today. While that is true another sad truth is, these instruments are Peavey’s in name only and are junk!. You are not going to find a new guitar or a new amplifier in this price range that is worth the space it takes up and certainly you will not find a combo of both for this amount. Factually, you will not find a good used combo going this low. You buy this stuff and you or the person that receives it as a gift will be greatly disappointed. Common problems are, electrical and noise problems on both the amp and the guitar. On the guitar you will find it difficult to tune if it can be tuned at all, won’t stay in tune, rough and/or sharp frets on the neck, no intonation up and down the neck as well as others. You may expieriance one, a few or all of these problems any one (alone) of which makes this a very bad deal. If you are already a musician you already know this. If you are not, beware. If you are not take the time to go to a proper music store and find out what is out there bad and good. Let a pro show you the good and the pitfalls. After you find what you want then you can search the web and most likely find what you want for less money. Or, you may find a great deal on an in store used instrument. I do not recommend buying used on the web (sight unseen and untouched) and I feel the same way about higher end and more expensive instruments new. But good starter guitars and amps are available and you can have both for about $200 or a little more if you do your homework and shop smart. You may also find a starter Peavey (not one of these) that will do a good job for you. Like I said, these are junk but Peavey does make some very good stuff as a brand. I still find it hard they put their name on this junk.

Sorry to be so negative but these are what they are and I am calling it like I see it. I like to encourage new musicians young or old and putting something like this in the hands of a new person can end up being very discouraging to them as when they find they really can’t play it they will wrongly think the problem is them and not recognize it is not.

Bottom line is, the amps here will not serve anyone as anything better than a foot stool and the guitars only practical use would be as wall art in a recreation room or bar.

Exactly what he said. These things are junk- just like the stuff you get from WalMart in their “first act” line. They are nearly impossible to learn on because they don’t stay in tune.
These WOULD be good wal art though, because they have a brand name on them.
If you want a Peavey (and I’m not sure why you would), find an older US Made Predator guitar- about $150 on eBay and as good as a US Strat which runs $800+.
I’ve never liked anything Peavey ever made, personally.

Thank you for saving me the bucks!!!

I agree with most of what you say except Peavey has never made a guitar even at the top of their line that will hold a candle to a USA Standard Strat.

Bought my son the Rockmaster set a few years ago and it turned out to be a great starter guitar. Best feature: it stays in tune for a good amount of time.

My son was experienced on other instruments and took the time to set the guitar up. Later, it was great for his dorm room with a small practice amp. (The Peavey amp only lasted a few months)

Head and shoulders above a First Act or other toy type guitar. Would highly recommend but the only color is lavender.

Thank you for the sanity your comment contains. I really can’t stand when people get all uppity when guitars are being sold on Woot and decide they need to trash a product without having any firsthand knowledge of it. If I had a kid who was learning guitar, I would absolutely go this route for the sake of getting him something that isn’t a Squier Strat. Everyone starts on bright red Squier Strats. There’s novelty to me in having something different from what all your friends have. The fact that an amp comes with it, even if it’s crap (read: FOR BEGINNERS, with a simple knob selection, to learn on - NOT to go on tour with) makes life that much easier, particularly for parents who don’t have experience with musical instruments and don’t have any idea what direction to go when their kid is showing interest and they need something to put under the tree.

So please, don’t trash it just because you assume it’s no good, and please, don’t be scared away by its cheap price or its name. If you’re considering this deal, then it’s not like you’re looking for Gibsons and Marshalls in the first place. If I had to choose between a First Act pack from Wal Mart for $99, this for $99 (or $49 or $79!), or a Squier Bullet Strat from Guitar Center - without an amp - for $129, I’d go with this Peavey deal in a heartbeat.

Besides, how cool does it look? I’d totally buy something like that for myself if I saw a higher end guitar that looks like it.

A full-scale guitar 22 frets, a basswood body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard, humbucker, and an amp all for $79 is all I need to hear. You just don’t find all of that in this price range. Good luck finding something that isn’t made of plywood for $79, first of all. The amp itself is worth at least $25, so you do the math. This is actually a pretty incredible deal.

I’m slightly disappointed there’s no acoustic guitar listed. I had bought a Peavey acoustic on a previous Woot deal and it worked very well. I ended up giving that guitar to my brother, but now want another starter acoustic guitar for myself. I’ve been waiting for another Peavey acoustic to show up, but haven’t seen one since.

I bought the lavender one for my daughter who is almost 6. I was hoping these would be 3/4 size that would have been great, but at this price it is hard to pass up. If I can spark an interest- great! If not, it’s a $50 toy. I’ve done stupider things with my money!

Then you would be making a mistake except for you opinion on Walmarts First Act line. That would certainly much worse that the Peaveys offerd here. Fender Squire is not my first choice but it is better than any one of these Peavey’s offered here. Other and better choices would include but certainly not be limited to Epiphone, Ibanez, and many others. Also, don’t be taken by the advertised body made of Basswood. It is in fact used because it is very affordable, one of the most prevalent woods found in the USA and has nothing to do with sound. For sound wood such as Ash and others are used and found on more expensive and not starter guitars. When saving money on the body material then the upside would be better pickups, wiring and most of all, quality neck work. Of course a beginner is not going to start out on a USA made Fender, Gibson, etc., unless he/she is the son/daughter of “daddy Bigbucks”! The same would hold true when it comes to amps, so yes, Marshalls would be out of the question also.

You state, “I really can’t stand when people get all uppity when guitars are being sold on Woot and decide they need to trash a product without having any firsthand knowledge of it”. Well I do have first hand knowledge. I am over 60 years old and have been playing since I was 15. I worked in a music store (6 years) part time every Christmas season starting back in the early 70’s. I have also instructed many over the years on the instrument. The student I am most proud of is my son who is an active and recorded musician. If you really took time to read my post you would have seen not only did I give Peavey accolades on equipment but also stated I am a Peavey owner. So, I qualify as a first hand experienced musician. My remarks are not made to degrade anyone but to try to help the first time buyer do the very best they can and the lowest possible cost. With that said, one of the brands I mentioned in the (discounted $150 or so range would be a better choice BY FAR that the Peaveys offered here. And, as far as an Amp, that is where you can really rack up on the used market. Fist thing, anything under 15W is not going to be pleasing to the new guitarist, at all, after he/she gets a good start. Like, 6mos or so. Careful shopping can get you a good "used’ amp in the 20w and above range, with some effects like reverb for not more than $50 to $100 tops.

I hate to see people discouraged and especially young people wanting to learn. My opinions are not looking down the nose but trying my best to give them the best start they can have and Mom & Dad, or whomever, not throwing away money. A few bucks well spent is much better than even pennys thrown away. Lastly, the instruments I have mentioned will last for some years and when the student wants to move up, they can actually get a few bucks for what they have.

I stand by my original post as I do this one. They were made in good faith to be helpful as it makes no monetary difference to me what a buyer decides.

Only Peavey thing I’ve ever had is an old keyboard amp. Kb-100,started off a little weak as it was old and compromised. I swapped the 15" speaker with a JBL I’ve had for 30 years, wow! It’s very worthy now, great for anything clean, guitars, keys even vocals are ok. I use it for my Taylor until I can afford a good acoustic amp. Old peavey can be a great deal and better than new stuff in the same price range. Never played a Peavey guitar though, bought an Ibanez Destroyer in '75 and never looked back.

I own and use a Peavey PA. It has been a solid work horse for years. I also have a Peavey 30W tweed amp that I purchased used over 20 years ago for a practice amp. It is still rocking and rolling. In fact, I have even used in on stage during small Jam Sessions. I think I paid $75 for it when I picked it up. Has great clean and awesome gain. Reverb is bright and clear. I am sure I would not give up my first born before letting it go but I would be tempted. lol On guitars, Peavey top in stuff is not my cup of tea but it is well made and sounds good for those who love them. The “entry level” stuff, is crap compared to many other brands including Ibanez entry level guitars which may not be up to the Ibanz pro level but are still killer starter guitars that see regular stage work in local bands all over. I have no doubt your Ibanez did and continues to do for you exactly the things you want it to do.

I have first hand experience and I work with musicians that you probably have on your ipod. Several of my close friends are guitar techs or members of bands you probably are paying to go see, on top of being a musician for over 30 years.
I have a Peavey Predator US made guitar hanging on the wall next to a USA made Fender Strat made the same year- equivalent quality, equivalent sound. I’m a Les Paul guy these days, though.
To claim that these guitars are better than the Wal Mart First Act guitars simply because Peavey licensed their name to slap on them is gratuitous at best and ignorant at worst.
The Peavey toy grade guitars are made in the same factory as the Starcaster (squire/fender) and some of the First Act guitars. The Bullet labeled Fenders too… the Squire Strat is made in a different factory, same as the SX line that is getting quite popular (I have one of those too- as good as anything with Squire label on it.
The Chinese Peaveys are best as wall art- the SX is the best buy under $200. Mexican Strats used are the next best step up- you can find those for $250.
Best part is the SX starts at the same price as these sorta-Peaveys.

Eh, gotta disagree.

When Peavey was doing the Wolfgang’s they were solid instruments and easily competed with U.S. made Fenders and Gibsons.

For basses the U.S. Made Cirrus line was (and still is) one of the biggest under-valued bargains in the low-end realm. You’re just not going to find something with 5 or six strings at that pricepoint that will keep up with any non-boutique maker.

And let’s not forget amps. Peavey should be credited for getting the small combo amp back in the market with the Classic 30’s and 50’s. That spurned Fender to do the Blues and Pro Junior which are great amps in their own right and even better with some modding. Now it’s commonplace to see a 30-watt combo amp on the market, but how quickly we forget it was Peavey that did it and did it well enough for there to be competition.

I guess what I’m saying is that Peavey, as a brand, can compete when they really put their mind to it. However their niche, and they have done well with it I might add, is lower-end gear.

…but not these offerings.

Still disagree with you on guitars but on all other points I agree 100% but before we give Peavey too much credit for being first on the block in at least the small amp arena let’s not forget the Fender Prinston Reverb was on the market before the name Peavey ever hit any stores. I believe the same could be said for the Fender Champ also but not sure when it first came out. There were plenty of other small amps around (15W or so) but they were crap. But I do agree Peavey came on with a real commitment to building and selling small to medium combos at very reasonable prices and to top in all, they excelled one’s expectations once played. BTW, I own the 30W you speak of. It was used when I got it and I have been banging it around for years. I have not had to so much as change a tube! While they were at it they introduced PA’s that not only did a great job on stage but did not cause you to mortgage a house to own. The real screaming deal was when a younger bunch of players needed their first PA. With little effort they could find a great used Peavey PA for about half MSRP. They were all over the place not because they were bad but because they sold so many of those darn things when bands decided to move up a notch, they traded their older and smaller PA in or sold it out right for about half or less than what they original paid. And that original price was most likely less than MSRP along with the fact Peavey prices were below the next closest competitor. When PV entered the sound business they did it full throttle offering great equipment for the price and they kicked butt doing it. Dollar for dollar, they may have just been the best out there. Sure you could do better but you dang well were going to pay more to do it.

Peaveys trip into the electric guitar business was not as smooth or as rewarding as their amp/pa sales. On the top end they were having to compete with Fender and Gibson the two old standards but then also there were other new upstarts that were making hot top end guitars that were eating away at the former Fender/Gibson dominance. Names like Kramer come to mind and I should not forget there were other brands that were circa with Fender and Gibson that kicked butt also. Rickenbacker not only made a great electric guitar their electric bass was in the hands of big name pros all over. The market was already pretty saturated and that did not help PV at all. The old guys saw their market share dwindle but they still survived the onslaught of new offerings. One of the reasons they survived were people like me that kept returning to the same old well. For example, I own two strats, (one custom shop one USA) a Tele (USA), a Les Paul,
a SG and a Gibson Custom(shop) Johnny A. Signature with Bigsby. Peavey had a better time of it with the middle top gear where they did compete very well with brands like epiphone (who also makes some great starter stuff all the way up to mid/top level) Ibanez and others.
So Peavey did have some success and did offer guitars that were great competitors that drew fans and players. I also agree that the starters being offered here do not fall in that class and as I said, only the Peavey name on them resembles anything of a Peavey. You get what you pay for and here you are paying little to nothing so it should be expected to recieve, little to nothing.

Great posts guys! Enjoying reading with my morning coffee. Now where can I get an Ampeg B-15 to plug my old P-Bass into?

I would think with a handle “Ringo4422” you would be looking for Vintage Ludwig’s with Zildjian cymbals but what the heck to I know?

You asked so here ya go,

Vintage (70’s) Ampeg B-15, $1,095.00 + $95 shipping or best offer at ebay.

Brand New Ampeg B-15, $4,999.99 + $41.32 shipping at Musicians Friend

Found a better deal new at the guitar Center. Same price, $4,999.99 BUT they have a 10% on line coupon right now so that knocks off one penny less than $500.00.

Watch out for guitar center’s “coupons” since they don’t include anything you’d actually want.
I got them to agree to honor a coupon for 15% if I bought $10K in equipment all in one shot- then they backed out.

I’d still like to see an evaluation from someone who actually has the “pearloid” Retrofire.