I thought this site was for saving big bucks on products you haven’t seen before.
Wine or should I say whine. I see products on here I wouldn’t use in this millenium, But do I complain?,NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Take the first four letters of my user name and spell it bacwards & you’ll figure out what I do for a living.
Now about the golf clubs, This isn’t the first time Tommy Armour has sent out a bunch of sets to discounters. If I remember they sold thousands and thousands of sets through the Sam’s club and maybe Wal-mart. They made meelions as granny clampett said.
Someone made note that it’s winter and who needs golf clubs? Wellllllllll, it’s the best time of the year to buy golf equipment. It’s too, too bad they didn’t include a cooler and a case of Fat Tire beer. Now that would be a really good deal. I wouldn’t buy these clubs either. Heaven forbid saving about $100 to 150.