Wheel Chocks

Um…ok? Seriously? A whole event dedicated to wheel chocks?

are you saying that because it’s more than you ever dreamed of?
we’re exceeding your expectations?!

If this trailer’s a rockin’ don’t come a knockin’…did you know that wheel chocks are great for adding stability? But seriously these chocks and leveling blocks are great for your RV, Travel Trailer, Camper, Car, Truck, SUV…you get the picture! - Quick Products -

But do they work with the Lynx blocks sold at Wally world?

This system has its own unique interlocking style and is not compatible with other styles of leveling blocks. These leveling products are sold in packages of 10, 4, and even wheel/block kits so that you can put together whatever type of system you need for a great price.

Guess I have been doing it wrong by throwing a 2x4 next to my wheels…

Bright red legos for grownups! These blocks interlock easily, and unlike 2 x 4’s they prevent rolling/slipping which can be a safety hazard. They also distribute weight and provide security on all types of terrain.

Meh. I’ll stick to my collapsible wheel chocks.


I agree with a few other posters. These don’t do anything a 2x4 or 4x4 can’t do.

I’m happy they have the second picture of the X-chock, because I was like, “that’s a jack, not a chock” until I saw how it’s used. Seriously, that’s industrial level chocking.

It would be a great practical chock at the local 18-wheeler party.

Me, I saw the X-Chock and thought “Why not Zoidberg?”

We like to think that form should follow function. We’ll save our 2x4’s for buildings, and use lightweight, super-strong polypropylene for our tires. -Quick Products-

[QUOTE=buildintechie, post:9, topic:400224]
Meh. I’ll stick to my collapsible wheel chocks.

That’s a nice chock, but we confess a bias for the Chock Quick which can also provide unparalleled lift on the softest of terrain! - Quick Products -

Thats a great philosophy but you need the prices to back it up. a majority of the items on this sale are cheaper on amazon, some substantially so.

Words are slippery devils - and facts are nasty fiends! We managed to find one item in this event for a better price on Amazon. Aaaargh! The agonies of being the little guy! We’re lucky to have woot! and this bantering community of love. Huzzah! All other items in this sale are currently anywhere from 10% - 20% lower than online list price! :slight_smile:

How many eels would a wheeled seal steal if a wheeled seal could steal eels? Not as many as a wheeled seal could if the wheeled seal’s steeled with wheel chocks.

Quick Products does not condone the use of chocks for the stealing of eels. We hope no eels or other sea-creatures were harmed in the making of this post. With that said- props to AySz88 for simultaneously twisting our tongues and tickling our funny bones! Happy faces! :wink: - Quick Products -

I want to buy just for the great posts by the company. Alas, I have to save my ducats for the moment. Hopefully next time…