Wheel Writer Light-Up Bike FX Triple Pk

Is it bad that I’m considering this for my bike, one that I ride to college classes every day on? It’ll look sweet when I have early/late classes in the winter time.

Heck no. I think they’re pretty darn cool myself. I wish I had someone I could buy them for.

Not bad! Just the rear is $20.95 + shipping on Amazon.


Would I be correct in assuming that the wheel lights are only visible from one side of your bike?

They’re obviously poor-man’s versions of the Monkey lights and Hokey Spokes which is fine – but if they’re only visible from one side, I think that’s just a little too much “poor man’s” for me.

Another option would be this – not nearly as fancy, but at least it’s visible from both sides and a good deal cheaper.

Of course, it also comes with some EL wire, which is nice, but that’s not hard to find cheap either.

I’ve never been hit by a car, so I don’t know how much that hurts.

But I have been hit by one of those tractors they use to push airplanes around at the airport and that hurt a lot.

I’m in for three - these look amazingly crappy. :wink: I have a pair of monkeylectrics and they’re definitely nicer than these. The EL wire is actually almost enough to make this worth it alone, though - at around $1/foot plus a driver. (I’ve generally paid $1.20/foot, and my drivers are $6-8 for short-length ones)

The flasher looks like it might be fun, the EL is usable for whatever (although it’s just blue) and I’m hoping I can tear the writer apart and put a different board in it (say, RGB LEDs instead of just amber)

So, yeah, it’s pretty crappy, but still looks to be worth it. :wink:

these serve absolutely no practical purpose, unless you consider looking freaking awesome and alerting other to your location a purpose… :stuck_out_tongue:

Good for lighting up your bike for Burning Man

They should make a version that lets you program it through usb, so you can put all the cuss words and stick figure pr0n that you want on it.

Are these indeed only visible from one side of the wheel?

Yes, unfortunately.
http://www.meonbikefx.com/support/ second video down.

Feel free to say you had me, and then you could buy them for me:)

Thank you! Is there anything double sided? I’m guessing Monkey Lights?

you could buy more that one set, or have the front and rear facing different directions I would think…

An unboxing video indicate the wheel writer is one sided. I suspect the gyro flasher is as well, but can’t find any info with a quick search.

Fine for me, I want one-sided lights for the front wheels on my trike, so I don’t blind myself. :wink:

Monkeylectrics are. If you want to do it yourself, SpokePOV are, but they’re monocoloured. There are a couple other brands that make these but I don’t know if they are.

Buy, 2 sets, put them 180 degrees apart, one facing one way, while the other would be facing the opposite side. You would need to install 2 magnets, one for each side. But they probably wouldn’t exactly be in sync on each side, but someone looking at it from one side, wouldn’t see the other side.
This is only my speculation from looking at the video. I don’t own one of these yet. (Eagerly awaiting my 3 to get to my door).

Not to be crass in asking, but are yours the $2K version? I’m having serious gadget lust over that.

No, the $75 versions (Actually, the precursor - m133s) They are crazy bright, too. I always had them on the dim mode, and if I was biking on a dark trail, they lit both sides of me up. They’re not replacement for head/taillights, but they do make you a ton more visible. Awesome lights, I just wish they were customizable.