Wheeler Delta Series AR-15 Master Armorers Kit

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Wheeler Delta Series AR-15 Master Armorers Kit
Price: $89.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $18 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Apr 02 to Thursday, Apr 03) + transit
Condition: New


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Give us a real deal. That’s the normal price.

Check out some Reviews and some More Reviews

*Not sure if there is any difference, since the price is same/lower

People this isn’t the Essentials Kit.

This is the Master armorers kit, which is worth close to $200. This is a Hell of a deal - if you actually work on AR’s enough to justify.

The best distinguisher should be the Wheeler Engineering number. But I don’t see this number referenced elsewhere.

Also note the product names: Essentials (less), Master (this product), Professional (more expensive).

And finally, http://www.wheelerengineering.com/ should be the maker site, and http://www.battenfeldtechnologies.com/ the parent company, but both are “Service Unavailable” as I write this.

What’s with all t**he typos today? Is it some kind of day for fools or something?

No deal. It’s cheaper on Amazon and shipping is way faster on Amazon also. Too bad woot employees can’t be bothered to check their parent companies price before listing items. This is a daily occurrence.

why such a complex kit for a rife1? With the AK, all you need is a puddle of water to slosh it in.

Look at the pictures for the Essentials Kit on Amazon. It has the exact same components. This is not a “deal”, it’s the normal price…. Give me a break Woot… I miss the days when Woot actually just sold one item per day; there were much better deals…

And for some reason, woot wanted to automatically change “t h e” to “the” and “w o o t” to “woof!” and t h e r e and w e r e to there and were in this comment thread, this is funny. I better get a gold star or something for noticing this.

It’s april fools crap.

remember April 1, 2008? the greatest woot off ever with the Black & Decker 20W Power Backup Battery – Two Pack!!
Old woot

This kit is more than the Essentials kit, but missing the Bore Guide that comes with the Professional kit.

I have the pro kit and use it fairly often I build about 3 rifles a month and it makes things a lot easier. some bits aren’t necessary. The combo wrench isn’t as useful as others but it does work.

If you’re building your own upper this kit is worth it, If you’re buying complete uppers you won’t need much of this

Amazon doesn’t have the Master Armorer kit. They have the Wheeler AR-15 Armorer’s Essentials Kit $86.99

Wheeler AR-15 Armorer’s Professional Kit $159.99

The places with the most of these kits sold are the places that “hate” these nasty assault weapons. Weird.

Because the AR is a real rifle. You can’t tag anyone at 100 yards with an AK.

I’ve fired multiple AKs, including the real, Russian-made AK-47 (select lever goes Safe-Auto-Semi) and never had any problem hitting the target at 100 yards.

Thread drift here: W-o-o-!, this April Fool’s Day substitution of ‘teh’ for ‘t-h-e’ isn’t funny, at least not to me.

(I see you are also making grammar changes as well – you are changing my 'y-o-u-'r-e to ‘y-o-u-r’ and ‘It is’ contraction to a lower case ‘i-t-s’. Thanks, Woo!. Make people think I am ignorant.)

It is annoying to read and I resent someone changing what I typed.

It is sophomoric and interferes with my shopping/buying experience.

I am giving you a timeout and taking my dollars over to Tanga, eBay, and Amazon for some retail therapy today. See ya tomorrow.

Couldn’t agree more. Not sure if this item is a joke or not, but on t h e whole I’m not impressed with W o o t’s sense of humor today.

I bet you can find some vets with purple hearts who disagree with you. Also, .30 is a lot fatter than .223.