When Are New Items Posted?

Used to be, new items were posted at midnight central. Now, I don’t know… I keep missing great deals because they are not there when I check around 12 or 1 o’clock in the morning. Then I look when I get around 11am and I’ve missed a bargain or an item I’d have wanted. Am I mistaken or are items being posted on the site (on pages / categories other than the 7 main categories / pages) throughout the day?

Yes. They’re putting up new clearance, etc. items throughout the day in addition to the main deals at midnight. Sometimes there’s only one or two of an item, so that’s why they sell out so quickly sometimes.

That is so mean!

It is! I’ve seen some pretty good deals! But I’ve lucked into a couple too…

I haven’t been paying attention if there might be certain times. If they keep doing it, it might be worth trying to time it.

LOL. Not doing it to be mean. Mostly to keep the Clearance site fresh and add some when it gets low on items. It takes a while to set them up so they get added as they’re ready. In addition, we add clearance and open box items on Saturday.

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Don’t listen to @ThunderThighs, Taz. They’re totally being mean.


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Yep, I totally missed out on the 5.00 Phillips Hue smart bulbs in December. Limit of 100. Not that I would have bought 100, but I certainly need a few more around the house.

5.00. Damn.

At least @therealjrn isn’t the wurst.

Oh my gosh. That is so corny!

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You guys butter knock it off or you’ll be toast.

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