When Asteroids Strike

Bit of bad luck there. Good thing that guy didn’t buy a lottery ticket.


If nothing else, this shirt brings back wonderful, wonderful memories.

even this 80s kid is getting tired of atari every week

Don’t see myself buying one but this is brilliant. Simply because my childhood was filled with an Astroids machine in the basement.

Use the boost! Use the boost!!

black fortune cookies?

Completely tasteless.

HAL 9000 DID IT!

what does a Brit know about space travel???

Whats that one astronaut expect, he’s tied up to the ship with red rope licorice!

All those asteroids look like mini black hole pac-men! Munch munch! And who needs a tail wing anyways? Just a small fender bender so to speak.

I’m in for one.

Enough pop culture, 80s, video game crap!!!

The asteroids look like deformed pac men.

Yeah, even with Fatheed at the helm this is uber unimpressive to me

Serves 'em right…that’s what you get for being a space invader!

and might I add, “Houston, we have a problem!”

My shirt.woot collection is becoming far too video game related as is.

goes back to resisting the “I want one!” button

This would be a great shirt to wear to the opening day of the Asteroids movie, if it gets made.

But that would require going to see the Asteroids movie, if it gets made.