When Cowboys Roamed The Earth

Epic cowboy has epic mount. This design is so whimsical. I just can’t help smiling when I see it.

I am assuming that the guy hanging out on top of the leftmost rock formation is the one responsible for the time bending… Mixing TIME and WESTERNS means it is none other than DOC BROWN!

Also… it could just be a rock…

Awesome choice! Grats PS.

Save a Dinosaur, Ride a Cowboy? Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

I like the design and colors. Put together well.

Epic is a good word. I was thinking if this epic scene were in The Lone Ranger, I might go see the darn thing ; )

I like it, but I think I would love it without the horses. A little more mystery.

My first ever Instabuy!

This is such an excellent design. To be a dinosaur-taming-cowgirl has always been a dream of mine :slight_smile:

Is that the same dinosaur that Fred Flintstone uses in the rock quarry?

Wow! Your observation made me like this shirt even more! I can’t un-see Doc now! I bet if Marty McFly was there too he’d have some comment about that cowboy’s giant steed being “heavy.”

3 days without a copyrigh… parody, meme, or default subject matter? What witchery is this?

Creationist propaganda?

I don’t care what you say…that there is a brontosaurus, not a apata-whatever.

Oh give me a home where the brontosaurs roam,
Where the t-rex and astrodon play,
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,
And the skies are … oh my god, a meteor!

This has been a bad couple of Woot weeks for my wallet. Really happy this one finally got printed though. I just hope the next two or three weeks are filled with Doctor Who and Star Wars shirts so I can afford to eat.

Love this…
A. I always wanted to be a cowboy
B. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs
C. I’m from AZ and that there is Monument Valley in the background (which tecnically borders AZ and UT)

That would have been a sweet ride, had they actually been around: Brontosaurus Is the Most Amazing Dinosaur Who Never Existed

That said, this is a great image.

As a young-earther, we prefer the term ‘awesomeness’ to propaganda. Total instabuy!

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