When D'name gets a dog...

… pigs will fly.
(you get the idea)

…February 30th.

Second Tuesday of next week.

…I will eat a shoe.
My shoe. Not just any shoe.

This is driving me crazy. I called and nothing. No new dogs. I was ready to go and nothing.


Now life is trying to build up again and something is going to get in the way.

go to the freakin’ shelter.

After all this time??? I’m going to give up the part that the rescue knows each dog because they foster them???

The cat thing that I ordered came in a huge heavy box. Free shipping, but it is shag carpet. (you didn’t get to pick color or carpet style.)
Then again, do I really want the cat thinking any carpet is ok to scratch??? Most likely no.
The big complaint on these things was that they break, and this one didn’t.
It looks sturdy.
Now son is trying hard to get into grad school next sept. No more working for a year at the hospital.
So the cat wont’ be staying…maybe…
Some school in FL
Oh course the local school…actually Hofstra the guys doing the debate, has a excellent program, but he wouldn’t get into the PhD program there straight out of college.
The way it was explained was, each program takes about 15 kids.
If the program is in a good geographic area will get 300 applications.
A good program in a less desirable area, may be just as good and only get 50 applications.
The professors think son is good enough, but not when there are 300 qualtified kids applying .

Which means I just got a big, somewhat expensive, toy for a cat who isn’t going to live here.

did you buy a $200 cat furniture thing, or is this the biggest ball of yarn evar?

“Now life is trying to build up again and I’m going to let something get in the way.”
Stop that!
Go get a puppy dog!!!

I will not take part in betting against D’name’s being adopted by a dog.

D’name needs a dog, and there’s a dog out there that needs D’name. The problem is, since they can’t read, and don’t drive, she’ll need to go to them.

Or, she’ll have to wait for the DogMobile to pass by. That might be a while though.

Probably better to go to the Doggie Thrift Store, and see what they have in second-hand dogs.

there’s probably thousands of dogs that need ms. name.

or i suppose we could try to set up a trebuchet to lob dogs in her general direction. mabe one will land in her backyard.

We have had great success with second-hand dogs. Cats too. In fact our second-hand dog and first hand cat get along very well.

isn’t this a sign of the apocalypse?

d’name will be a great doggy mama.

no silly that is lions and lambs! this is a lab and a cat that rules the house.

mass hysteria!

“Dogs and cats, living together, mass hysteria!”

or something like that.

the Cat in the Lab? sounds like dr. j’s house!

Had to google trebuchet. The fulcrum makes the difference. Since I learned a new word can I go home now?