When D'name gets a dog...

trebuchets are amazing. here’s video of one launching a piano then a car

That is cool. Hubby will love this. I’ve never heard of that site.

Saw something similar on a VW commercial… They’re a hoot!

$70 cat furniture thing. It does look sturdy.
Ohhhh, I think poor Mr Scratchy is having his orbs chopped off this week. I hope he is ok.
Poor timing since son takes the grad school test next week.

We had friends with an old dashound.(yeah, I know, but spellcheck is confused and won’t help me) They got a kitten and the dog was mad.
Then, the dog found out the cat can get up on the kitchen counter and knock stuff down!
Cat knocks it down.
Dog opens it.
Everyone eats.
A match made in heaven for a dog who’s belly already hit the ground when he walked.

But that was Bill Murray, not the bible.

My filter says NSFW

We got our cat when a stranger at PetSmart said “don’t pay $113 for these pussies. My vet got some and is giving them away to good homes. They’re already fixed and everything. Go see if you can go fool my vet into thinking you offer a good home.”

Totally worked out.

It was truly the most tender General Tso’s “chicken” I ever had…

That’s a lie! Mr. 9226 didn’t eat me for dinner at all! He just bought a woot for me and never shared it!

Bummer… Try [this one](http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=unpimp my ride).

My kitty is then too. He goes in next Monday to get neutered AND declawed in the same visit. He’s going to hate me. :stuck_out_tongue:

um. you sure you gotta declaw him? 'cause a lot of people seem to think it might not be such a hot idea.

Personally, I’ve been “on the other side of the fence” before. I now subscribe to the belief that shredded furniture, scratched woodwork, and the like are hot ideas. If the claws stay, the cat doesn’t (at least inside, that is).

Yeah, kitty #1 is declawed…wouldn’t be fair for kitty #2 to keep his and I’d always worry he’d hurt kitty #1. They’re both strictly indoor kitties, so they don’t need their claws for anything other than destroying furniture, curtains, carpet, our legs, etc. My vet does a good job…they keep the cats for 2 nights after a declaw and keep them immobile so they heal correctly.

i’ve seen web sites that claim that there’s a fair chance of developing litterbox problems after declawing, which is a lot worse than buying a couple of scratching posts and regular trimming.

No problems with kitty #1 or any of the kitties I had growing up, which were all declawed. I really think it depends on how it’s done. If the vet sends the cat home the same day they are declawed, then yeah, there’s a good chance for problems.

I’d have to agree with that. All cats we’ve had declawed stayed overnight (at least one night, depending on what all was being done), and we’ve never had any trouble. As with any procedure, whether involving people or animals, there’s always some sort of risk. However, if appropriate precautions are observed and post procedure care is followed as directed, the risk can be further mitigated.


I think there’s already a thread for that… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone in Alabama (or nearby Georgia) want a cat or two (or 32)…???

OHHHH, the site said they are getting new dogs from a kill shelter down south this weekend.
So they will foster them for a week or so and maybe call then!