When D'name gets a dog...



Aww! I actually live not far from Opelika, but I can’t take in another cat. I just took in a stray kitten a few weeks ago. :frowning:

I hope they all find good homes!

still waiting!!!

Looking at Eric on thursday night.
They also recommended Doug’s pups, but I was never thinking puppy.

well i hope eric’s a good fit!
is there a new trend of giving dogs un-pet-like names? if that’s the case, i simply won’t follow that herd. i’m continuing my ritual of naming animals after foods.

“eric” could be food.

More like Basil and Gerold will be food. How do I keep them out of reach of a big dog?

put them on a high shelf. or another room.

No! Bad dog!

that only helps the second rat.

Pfffft. Never had any problems with my hammies and a dog.

Now blueberry muffins or a fresh loaf of baked bread left on the counter? That’s another story.

Before you declaw, please talk to or PM Lynnzoi. I would go through the reasons why you shouldn’t declaw, but I am short on time tonight.

Thanks for the postcard!

Do you know a realtor on the cape?

If we take him, we would have to change his name! Son is Eric.

Actually it has been scientifically proven that adopting a cat (less than 6 months old) first, THEN letting it grow up with an adopted puppy that is younger (less than 1 year old) then itself will ensure that they get along. The main reason that dogs and cats dont get along is the same reason humans dont, body movement. An example of this is when a dog is happy it will wag his/her tail and sometimes get into a playful wrestle position. However a cat will lash its tail when angry, therefore it reads this body jesture as the dog being mad and ready to strike.
When a cat averts its head then it usually means its aggresive, while if a dog does this then it means that its submissive. As long as a cat and dog live together from an early age then the chances of them getting along are VERY high!

I’m looking at the picture and it doesn’t look like eric has a tail.
He went to visit a hours that fosters cats and he didn’t care.

Unfortunately, the best room to lock up the rats , is the best room for the cat. It has sliding glass doors that face south. It has sun all the time. Cats like sun and windows.
It was the childrens bedroom when the house was a true cape. It still has the real bedroom door.


how does your son feel about changing his name?