When D'name gets a dog...

r we talking about the dog or your son?

//trying to figure out how ms. name could afford to buy a castle or other window-challenged building

that’s the usual reaction.

Cats like dark, too. That’s why they build forts in the dead of night.

You’re overthinking this again.

… and rats.

i bet the cat would disagree with your using the word “unfortunately.” he’d probably use “obviously.”

i thought only zombie cats do that.

ms. name: put the rats in a cage that keeps out both the cat and the dog. probably just something with a top. i assume the dog will join your household first (ha!); when the cat comes, introduce it to the household slowly. i’m sure ms. lynn can give you some advice.

people much less able than you have had dogs, cats and even rats living together peaceably. i think you are worrying about it more than is necessary.

This was all done a week ago, so it’s a bit late. l o l





Is he my dog??? I still don’t know. I hope so.


Tell us more!!!


I’m still scared.
we got a crate, we put him in it and he cried and went to sleep.

How long after you feed them, so you have to walk them?

How could you not know with those “Love me” eyes?!?!?!?!

Pretty much right after but it doesn’t need to be a “wear me out” walk. Walk him every couple hours (short ones are fine) while he’s awake until you get a sense of his control. That’ll help avoid accidents.

Edit: Oh, and walk him when he wakes up. My dogs have always wanted to eat first in the mornings but until you know if he can hold it, it’s best to walk first.

I love the picture of him watching the rats. He looks curious but not at all agressive with them. What a cutie!

How’s hubbie doing?

He soooooo wants to be someones dog.
Two weeks ago he was in NC in a kill shelter.
Then he and a bunch of other guys were in a van to NY.
Then a week and 1/2 in a nice house with a mom and some kids and another dog. They had a big yard and a pool with a trampoline cover.
Then on Wed, the vet
Thrusday the ball removal
Friday picked up by the mom and the house.
Then today, us.

And we aren’t sure. Hubby was the one who said, well, if you want a dog, he is nice.

House smells doggie. Can’t bath him until the stiiches are gone, I think.

He went into that dog play stance, front legs on the ground and butt in the air, when he saw the rats.
He jumped into the cage, but the rats were too stupid to be scared. They stuck their noses out the bars and he smelled them and got scratched.

The house feels different.

Poor confused puppy. You can give him a good stable home!

I don’t know what it is but dogs just smell really doggie when they get back from a vet stay. You can bathe him after about a week even with the stitches as long as there’s no complications. He’ll air out some when you walk him too.

I’m so excited!

hehe, he learned his lesson then. Alpha rats. L O L.

A good different, I hope? You’ll relax into a comfy schedule in a few days.