When does my Woot coupon code actually expire?!

(I still have one free shipping left! c: and a friend of mine also has $10 that he needs to use with the same prob;em, expires tomrw) Quick! so my coupon code “expires” tomrw on the 15th… will i be able to use it tomrw? or will it actually expire as soon as it becomes the 15th tonight? please help <3 thank you

also asked over at DW: http://deals.woot.com/questions/details/9415dd27-07c3-416a-826a-d6edf54b08b9/when-does-my-woot-coupon-code-actually-expire
…sounds like it expires tonight, meaning I can’t use it tomorrow, but it seems like most times at stores it expires at the end of the day it says, not the beginning…

personal experiences? staff? anyone asnwer this question please? thanks so much

It definitely varies from code to code! If you were quoted a date, then you should definitely try to use it by then. However, we can be a little slow to act sometimes… worst case, the order system should tell you it’s invalid if you can’t use it.