When Doves Cry

I have a humble suggestion:


LOVE the Darling Nikki references!

Oh my God, it’s


The shirts against the blouses.

Uh oh…is that coat he’s wearing genuine Barney skin?

Is that an African dove or a European dove?

Really? I was born a year after this song/album was released and even I know what it’s in reference to. For those that don’t know:


No one will be worthy of this shirt unless they purify themselves in the waters of lake minnetonka.

Prince’s favorite (royal) color was Purple.

other randomly useless facts about Prince: Prince is only 5’2", so to look taller, he wears heels.
He’s also from Minneapolis, MN.

Dig if you can this shirt…

Sir, I do believe the shirt you’re looking foris on the reckoning.

I despise all popular music, and attempt to ignore it if at all possible (It’s impossible)… I’m ashamed to admit I even know who Michael Jackson is.


(Mod edit: Sorry, that’s a little big, heh.)



WOW! Over 2 minutes for the first sale. This shirt is on the fast track to the Reckoned list. I’d be surprised if it proves me wrong.

Ohhh my gooooood…this is nightmare fuel… !_!

The internet’s completely over. I don’t see why I should give my new music to iTunes or anyone else. They won’t pay me an advance for it and then they get angry when they can’t get it.”

"The internet’s like MTV. At one time MTV was hip and suddenly it became outdated. Anyway, all these computers and digital gadgets are no good.

“They just fill your head with numbers and that can’t be good for you.”

This shirt is a perfect portrait of what he has become. Whatta birdbrain.

Personally, I think this is freakin hilarious. I have to buy one so I can rip off the sleeves and wear it to an 80s party.

Why do we scream at each other?