When Doves Cry

Prince’s studio in Chanhassen, MN‎:

Why don’t you purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka?

First, it burns, oh how it burns my delicate retina. Second, what the heck is it? I mean, while squinting through the pain, I kinda thought it was a poodle dressed like Liberace.

“Any of you guys want some grapes?”

Dearly beloved
We are gathered here today
To get through this thing called “woot”

Electric word, woot
It means “whoopee” and that’s a mighty fine time
But I’m here to tell you
There’s something else
The tee shirt

A world of never-ending artiness
You can always buy the shirt, day or night

Literal in lace (and a color near to lavender)…when I think of Prince, he’s always wearing lace. On the good days, it’s not his pants.

Hope the creator of this shirt has a good lawyer… After all “prince” sued his own fan sites for “talking about him”. He IS a total jerk!

Would you say he “symbolizes” total jerkiness?

It’s wearing the Seinfeld puffy shirt!

I’m sorry, but from a distance this just looks like Prince with no facial features except for one empty eye socket and one eye socket with something jammed through it, possibly from behind. I’m scared to go to sleep.

Ahahahaha… I find this shirt very amusing! And love the song, although I always that was a pretty silly metaphor.

“(12:17 AM, today) tazfreeatlast isn’t so keen on Prince.”

Don’t get me wrong. Some of his songs of the 1980’s were pretty good. It’s the person he has become more recently that was the reason for my previous comment.

“The internet’s completely over.” That’s like stating that cars are ‘completely over’ or shirt.woot.com is ‘completely over’.

This shirt is great. I immediately had a flashback to my youth and broke out in song. I may have to dig that tape out of the back of the closet…OH I don’t have anything to play it on.

Too big or afraid of “princes” lawyers for using his image without $$$-BEWARE THE PRINCE OF PURPLE cuz he will sue yo a$$!

Oh my. Jerry curls. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve seen jerry curls? And I’m thankful for that.

Creative shirt, love it. I like Prince, and has been very successful, even if people don’t like his recent comments on the internet. He’s just accentric. He’s written many great songs for artists, like “Manic Monday” for the Bangles, “Sugar Walls” for Sheena Easton, “Nothing Compares 2 U” for Sinade O’Conner, and countless others. All hits, all great. Oh so many lyrics to quote.

In for two! An 80’s icon still doing well today.

My favorite 80’s band, though, will always be Duran Duran.

Has nobody seen the Chappelle’s Show? Of course this is Prince and he’s ready to serve you pancakes!

minnasota dove

I think Duran Duran says it all… Accentric!

I Would Die 4 U -Prince:

“I’m not a human
I am a dove
I’m your conscious
I am love”

This made me go into a fan girl giggle fit. So I bought one.