When Doves Cry

ahem…this is most unwearable IMO. Second maybe to the pork + green ball + tomato one.

Dam just bought some shirts at threadless! tempting to buy just for the prince song reference alone but gonna sleep on it…


All Prince aside, I’m loving the MC Frontalot reference

don’t start something you can’t finish.

So when you PM that peep on the forum, moderator
You know the one - Dr Everything’ll Be Alright
Instead of asking him how much the shirt cost, Ask him how does a womens medium fit, baby

Cause on this site
Things are much harder than other ones
on this forum,
You’re on your own

You mean a Minnesotan Poop Bomber?



Why not just draw up a petition or forum and circulate it around shirt.woot?..if that’s possible…not really sure. But I’d sign it!


Is that purple rain in his eye?


My first thought was, “Is that Mr. Darcy?!?”

Charley Murphy’s stories… great Dave Chappelle skits! Man, I miss that show :frowning:

Prince has been living in “Prince World” way too long.

<3 Kevin Smith

It is both hideous and entrancing.

I wonder how many people would get the pop culture reference, as the icon is now so much less iconic. That thought makes me chuckle even more, though, as this shirt would be infinitely more absurd if people don’t get it. “A bird with a fro? Dressed like…that?”

What is this crap?! Give me something to buy. I’ve seen better shirts not win a derby that I’d be buying right now versus this crap. grumblegrumblegrumble

There once was a short-sleeved tee
You could buy for a modest fee
Our forearms were frozen
Long sleeves—ah, ambrosian
Satisfy wootvan and me

in for one, this shirt is friggin hilarious! If someone on the street gets this joke when they see it, they will be laughing no doubt. That laugh factor alone makes me want it, but prince getting all the ladies makes me buy it, lol…

please note: the above is a feeble attempt at being sarcastic and funny. If I offend anyone, Im sorry, take it up with TAFKAP (the artist formerly known as prince)

Finally, a shirt worthy for techno viking.