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No TVs today, just accessories. Tell us about these accessories!


Hey what are the dimensions of the Sylvania Tempered Glass Shelves both the 2 piece and the 1 piece. I can’t find that info anywhere on the page.


I see another site saying they are 18x11.5"


Anyone know if I buy the 2Shef one, can I make it just one shelf or does it have to be permanently 2Shelves?!? and It is height adjustable right?!?


They have a one shelf unit for sale also.


I would have totally bought one if there was a swinging one for my new 55’ I just bought!


Thanks, I was gonna buy the 2Shelves that way I could put my DVR & possibly my xbox, but didnt know if I could just also make it one shelf or would it look weird?!? So I ended up just buying the 1Shelf!!! LOL:)


Anyone that can vouch for the quality of the blu-ray player?


I know nothing about mounting a tv but I have a 42" I’d love to put on a bedroom wall. Assuming any of these that state they hold that size will work? Are any better than another?


I bought the Sylvania mount from Newegg a couple of months ago for a 55". It was a piece of cake to install. I mounted to studs, it came with plenty of hardware for it. The hardware was amazingly organized, everything in separate little compartments in a bag as shown in the pic.

I had two stumbles with it, both of which I worked through successfully:

  • My tv’s vesa slots are recessed and the tv came with inserts to fill in the gaps but neither the 16mm (too short) nor 32mm (too long) bolts this unit came with were just right. But it came with some spacers which were close, but slightly too big to use with the 32mm. I cut the spacers with a miter saw to just the right length and that worked fine. I can see some people getting frustrated here.
  • This needs to be mounted to 3 studs that are on 16" centers. The unit has gaps to let that 16" be slightly off. I mounted on a wall in front of a staircase where 2 studs were 16", but the other was 14-1/2" thanks to some builder ingenuity. I had to drill an extra hole which was not easy in this solid metal - this thing is thick. I wish some of the screw slots were just a tad wider.

Other than that it really wasn’t that difficult. It’s a solid unit.


does anyone know how far down the ceiling mounted Sylvania SYL-ETR101 arm is from the ceiling at its minimum and maximum distances?


It doesn’t appear to be favorable:

Amazon reviews

It also has no apps, or wireless capabilities and can be found here on the manufacturer’s website.


I just got the “Level Mount DC37SJ Full Motion Mount for 10-47” Flat Panel TVs" and unless the actual part that attaches to the TV is able to rotate slightly, it is not going to ever be level. I don’t know how dramatic this is going to be, but to the naked eye I could see that it wasn’t bolted in correctly and I’ve played with all the adjustments. I bought two of these and they are both this way. I’m guessing that’s why they are 35$.

UPDATE - Pull off the stupid plastic cover, underneath there are two bolts, a center and a side one. This will allow you to adjust the actual part that attaches to the TV


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