"When I was a kid...

The mere utterance of these five words can cause your child’s eyes to roll back in their heads, speak in unknown tongues and bolt from the room. Why? Hey, MY parents may have been full of crap, but what I have to impart is useful!

Please share with us some of your favorite “When I was a kid…” lessons you use on your own children. If you have no children, you must enjoy torturing small animals instead.

Here goes:
"When I was a kid…

We had just three tv channels. And that was with cable!

We just had one woot a day, and five woots a week.

The photoshop contest didn’t need saving.

Darth Vader was feared, and not some kid in a movie.

Mr. mwiseman and Ms. dontwantaname could tell you a thing about punctuation.

PWA never fell out of the top half-dozen threads listed.

You could meet young, elderly or non-English speaking guests at the gate, instead of waiting for them to wander over past the security checkpoint

Coke cans where 50 cents
coke bottle 75 cents

and you could not swipe your credit card at the coke machine.

We got our first TV when I was 7. At my grandparents’ house, we sat around the radio and listened to it.

Dr. J looked like his kids.

Hershey bars were a nickel.


they still had penny candy (granted they did taste like crap)

You had to look at smileys by turning your head sideways.

Yep. And comic books were 12 cents.

Plus I got a dollar a week from my grandfather!
BUT if I spent any of it…even a nickle…he got mad and wouldn’t give me any money the next week.
Stupid depression was a generation before, and still ruining my life!

You knew Josephus when you were a kid???
Does little one look like you?

When I was a kid we never ate out!
When I was a kid in college and I didn’t have money, I didn’t eat lunch! (somehow this never occurred to my son. It isn’t like he will starve. Parents were firm believers in brown bagging, and I was sick of it after 12 years in school…but I worked in Manhattan on sundays when almost nothing was open on sundays…so we didn’t eat lunch at work either! )( this is all about my giving son money for lunch yet again. He doesn’t like what is in the house…but will I see change??? Will he use the change tomorrow ? NO. Well, maybe, I won’t be home tomorrow and he doesn’t know that!)

Wow! My allowance was a dime a week. A few years later, it went up to a quarter, but a dime of that went into a weekly Christmas Club.

There were no stores open on Sunday.