When I Was Your Age


The link you’re looking for: http://shirt.woot.com/Friends.aspx?k=4362


Not that old =/


condition: Judgemental
product(s): 1 Royal Blue Woot Tee (4362)

Omg this shirt is just pure win going to have to get it for my grandma.

Not my kind of thing, but I can see the humor in it. Congrats to the winner!

Reminds me of the Bell Curve… - http://classes.kumc.edu/sah/resources/sensory_processing/images/bell_curve.gif
Stay at home vs Go to School… heh interesting…

When I was your age, Pluto was a planet.

WOW! first place, congrats!!!

Classic and nice.

Wow this shirt is hilarious. But I don’t know about wearing it haha.

I’d be in if there wasn’t any text…

Love this shirt. The moment I saw it I wanted it.

You forgot this:

<------------------------------ 10 miles -------------------------------->

“That’s how Chuck Berry was discovered.”

I always thought there was a mine full of chuckberium down by the railroad tracks.

grats, but wow, that was the least expected :slight_smile: Interesting but not a keeper

Kind of funny… I am tempted.

Sooo tempted to buy this for my dad as a Wacky December gift…