When Lovers Meat

Lady Gaga should love this.


12.470 seconds! I set the time to beat for this week!

This became the beef for the taco in yesterday’s shirt.

I can see this as a Christmas shirt, saying “Hang up the gristle-toe”.

So if you shake his hands when you meet, you are actually shaking his “meat”

Meh, this shirt is a Carni-bore.

Uh, wow!

Mr. T, I pity the fool.

That T-bone looks like he would rather say “Nice to eat you” (he is a little creepy looking)

If only I could put it on a grill…

I see eyes & innuendo.

Hahahahahahahahaha puns! That’s hilarious!

I am thinking this would be my “go to” shirt for when I am going tailgating.

I have a suspicion that not very many vegetarians will buy this or be glad to meet someone wearing this shirt. Call it a hunch

Make no bones about it, that T is well done.

Food with a face! How novel.

Voted as the “T-shirt most likely to get you slapped” for 2011!

Come to think of it, I could use a good slapping…

Looks more like a Y than a T - Bone