When, what, and where was your first post?


When, what, and where was your first post?

My lost innocence


Sadly, my first post can no longer be seen because pre-woot 2.0 forums are no longer available. Ace and Cruzer will have the same issue. And anyone else who was here and posted before July 8, 2005. :frowning:


Me, too.



well do you remember it? product thread? photoshop? talking to d’name? last post?


My first post talking to anyone was trying to get Curzer to post his 3,000th post.
He was dragging it out.
Wow, I can’t remember my first post date. It was deleted. My second post stuck and made MacDaddys whiners list! I was very proud.


There weren’t any other threads back then. Everything went in the product threads. There were no weekend woots; that’s why they had the contest over the weekends. I honestly don’t remember what my first post was, but that may just be my age showing… :slight_smile:


Mine wasn’t nearly so long ago and I still don’t remember.


No, but she was the first person to answer me!
I read whole threads looking for that damn post.
I lurked in pre woot 2.0. Starting in April 2005.


My first post showed that I had over 50 post already.


I must have been nicer back then. :wink:


Yep, you have really gotten mean lately!


You’re just pissed cause she has the cute feet. : )


My first post was of course a contest entry. Actually I think my first several posts were contest entries.

Contest 31

Another Contest 31 entry

Certainly not chopping that would win anything, but I still find them worth a chuckle.


This question is too complicated for me to answer!


My first woot post was long, long ago and far, far away. It was on the product thread regarding the woot of the day some time in 2004. I probably only had 30 posts when I started chopping in July of 2006. The next 100 or so were all contest entries. Then I found EBW -and 95% of the remaining posts have been here - mostly on the word games.


Playing against uncorked! Which will forever strike me funny!


My first post was on CompuServe in their forums. I had to use ASCII to write everything. It was back in 1993, the late winter or early spring, I can’t remember. I logged in at 64 baud, I think it was, and from a Wizard. I bought my first computer later in that year in the Fall after my grandmother passed away, leaving me $500. I met my husband on CompuServe August 24, 1995. Lots of memories for me with this question!!


no1 post


OK, I have to know…how are all you people finding your first post?


Ms. Name,

For some of us it wasn’t that long ago.