When will Woot! add its one millionth member?


Last week, someone joined up and became Wooter number 955,574. Yesterday another Wooter joined and become number 960,628. Any ideas when number 1,000,000 will join? Will there be any prizes for guessing the right date? Any prizes for being the one millionth wooter? Woot! did something for the 500,000 member and this certainly has to be even more spectacular? What do you all think?


Where do you find these wooter-numbers?


Where did you find these numbers? I would like too see before venturing a guess.


If you place the mouse pointer over the ‘send message’ spot by the user name, their customer number will display at the bottom of the page. Mine is 93859.


Ahh user id mphdavid=93859, very nice
runs to go see new members numbers


I’m 331062, nice to meet you 93859.


and i’m 611593! pretty cool


I am sure that some techie out there can write an algorithm to predict when the millionth member will join based on the rate that members are joining now. It’s been almost 5,000 member since last week already. Of course, we don’t know if Woot! has any new ideas out there for a new dot woot!


Great meaning for my screen name: mphdavid-runs to go see new members’ numbers. I remember reading all about members’ numbers on woot! when the 500,000 member joined. But that was when woot! was much smaller and may have even had the old white and purple colored website when their servers really crashed all the time.


My completely uneducated, guesstimate is going to be: 12/20/07.


I say 12/17, LAST WOOTOFF of the year.
edit change it to after new year~ 2/10

f4td4ddy joined today and is at 961, 599


So… they’ve had ~1000 join between the two days? With only 38Kish to go, seems like it would be sooner than Feb.


probably right edit to my prior edit, 12/19


I’m going to guess Nov. 26. I think that people will join more quickly as we buy Christmas presents. I’m number 97,253. I’m even old on woot.


So which one are you going with? I’m all confused…


I was thinking there would be more users joining during the holiday shopping season - but there are so many variables. Woot-off? Popular items? New site launch? Etc., etc. Okay, I’m starting to put way too much thought into this. :slight_smile:


I am with you. I checked several dates/numbers since August and find that some days as many as 3000 members are joining while other weeks members are joining at only 1600 members per day. I think based on my calculations and estimations that number one million will join on November 19. Of course, another woot! off will make those numbers change.


wow, 1600 new members a day! well take of 10 due to multiple user accounts but still, damn. no wonder they crash when the BOC comes on


Back when Joyner and I joined, we were 11 days apart which means members may have been joining at a rate of 333 members per day. What a difference! Another contest would be to guess when woot! will go public.


Joyner, so you are a lurker too! Well thanks for coming out, it’s fun having old/new people to talk to.

edit: what do you mean by public?